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Tired of your teen sitting on the couch in front of the tube? Give her a good book, one she’ll actually read! But where can you find such a book?

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Chuck  Colson

A few months ago, we held a teen fiction event at BreakPoint. I talked about it on the radio, and our website, BreakPoint.org, we devoted an entire week to reviews and recommendations of what are now called young adult novels. We covered all kinds of books and even gave you excerpts from a few of them.

The response from our audience was overwhelming. It turns out that quite a few Christian parents have been searching for good book recommendations for their teenagers and preteens. Christian teachers and librarians were interested as well. Many of you gobbled up our suggestions and eagerly asked for more.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that we have launched our new Youth Reads page at BreakPoint.org, specifically designed for parents and educators who want to find good books for this age group.

Just go to our website and look for “Youth Reads”; it’s very easy to spot. On this page, we’ll be providing short reviews of all kinds of books for teens and preteens. Maybe you’re looking for a Christian viewpoint on some hot new mainstream series that all your children’s classmates are reading. Or maybe you are trying to find something from a Christian author that your teen might like, or just trying to get an overview of what’s available in both secular and Christian fiction. Well, we’ll have all that for you and more.

We’ll cover both classic and contemporary novels. And we’ll have reviews of popular series like Twilight, Harry Potter, and His Dark Materials, and make them available on this page so you can find them again quickly and easily whenever you want.

At the same time, we’ll also provide links to outside writers who are talking about Young Adult fiction, so you can see what they have to say on the subject and what some of the latest trends are.

What we won’t be doing is telling you, “Yes, have your kids read this book,” or “No, don’t let them read that one.” We’re not here to make choices for you. Every teen and preteen is different, and you most likely are well aware of what your son or daughter likes and what he or she can be trusted to handle.

We’re simply here to provide information and a Christian perspective, and to help you and your kids navigate the brave new world of young adult fiction.

And we want you to participate, as well. We’ll have polls asking you about what books and series you want to see our writers review. And of course, we’ll have comment sections where you can share your opinions and ask any questions you have. If we get enough interest, eventually we’ll be launching an e-newsletter based on the Youth Reads page, which will be delivered right to your inbox.

I believe most of us would agree that there are few more important things you can give your child than a lifelong love of reading. But even more important is teaching them to read and evaluate material from a Christian worldview. Thanks to Youth Reads, you now have a tool to help you do just that.

Now, how about you? What will you be reading this summer? Well, today on my Two-Minute Warning, I talk about how we Christians can approach our summer reading with a purpose. And of course, I’ll point you to some great book recommendations. That’s the Two-Minute Warning, which you can watch at ColsonCenter.org

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Youth Reads

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Christian fiction summer reading
I highly recommend a wonderful Christian fiction writer named Ann Aschauer. Her books are great summer reading for teens and young adults. Ann's first book "Counselor", about an attractive, talented young college girl who meets a mysterious friend, was full of suspense and unexpected events. The series continues with the second book "Vision", followed by "Sparrows" which traces the young woman's life as she gains maturity and a new awareness of her own gifts and God's remarkable intervention in her life and the lives of those around her. Ann has the ability to weave Christian themes into her writing while holding you on the edge of your seat until you reach the books' conclusion - fascinating reading!
Suggestion for good teen/young adult novels
I would suggest looking into any book by Karen Kingsbury. She is my favorite Christian author. Her books are enriched with Christian characters without being overly preachy about their faith. I have read and enjoyed all these books within the last couple years. I recommend every single one of them for a teen or young adult (I'm 26 myself).

I would highly recommend the following books and series by her:
*Like Dandelion Dust (Good book for those who liked or want an alternate to the Dave Pelzer books "A child called 'It'," "The Lost Boy," and "A Man Named Dave")
*Oceans Apart
*Shades of Blue
*Cody Gunnar Series
-A Thousand Tomorrows
-Just Beyond the Clouds
*Lost Love Series
-Evem now
-Ever After
*Timeless Love Series
-A Time to Dance
-A Time to Embrace

(The below revolve around the Baxter and Flannigan Families)
*Redemption series (5 books)
*Firstborn series (5 books)
*Sunrise series (4 books)
*Above the line series (4 books)
-Take One
-Take Two
-Take Three
-Take Four
*Bailey Flannigan series (released so far)