Komen Caves

An Object Lesson for All of Us

Komen for the Cure’s stunning reversal to fund Planned Parenthood after all, has an important lesson for us all.

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Chuck  Colson

No doubt you’ve been watching the unfolding drama of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation’s decision to de-fund Planned Parenthood — and then its stunning reversal.

What you saw last week was a concerted, intentional effort by an ideological minority — the radical pro-abortion forces — not just to make their case in public, but to destroy the opposition. Using incendiary language, accusing Komen of endangering the lives of women, they made no pretense to pursue civil discourse.

And it’s a tragedy that Komen for the Cure caved. Because all of the rational arguments were on their side.

First of all, Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms, its doctors simply provide breast cancer referrals. No wonder Komen for the Cure figured its money could be better spent on organizations that provide direct treatment.

And of course there’s the uncomfortable link between breast cancer and abortion. A 2009 study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center showed "a statistically significant 40% increased risk [of breast cancer] for women who have abortions."

Second, Komen’s stated policy was not to contribute to organizations under investigation. Well, Planned Parenthood is under Congressional investigation for potentially misusing federal funds — funds that by law may not be used for abortions. In 2010, the organization received fully 46 percent of its funding — 487 million dollars — from government grants.

Yet according to Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report, the organization and its many affiliates performed more than 329,000 abortions in 2010 — or a full 91 percent of services rendered to pregnant women.

It sure sounds to me that they’re flouting the law.

Finally, this never was about the money. Komen’s grant was a drop in Planned Parenthood’s bucket. As Tim Stanley of the UK Telegraph pointed out, Komen for the Cure’s annual grant made up a mere .058 percent of Planned Parenthood’s budget!

So what is this all about? Look friends, Komen is the kind of respectable and mainstream partner that Planned Parenthood desperately needs to continue its charade that it is all about “women’s health.” And it and its friends will bully and shout down anybody who dares to disagree with them.

What happened to Komen is a perfect example of the despotism of the modern left. Disagree with them, they vilify you and seek to intimidate you into silence. Tragically, Komen caved.

As I’ve been saying on BreakPoint for the last three or four months, we must break the spiral of silence. That’s why it is so important to speak out, even now. Let Komen know that you appreciated what they did to de-fund Planned Parenthood — come to BreakPoint.org and we’ll link you to their website — and that you are horrified that they didn’t have the courage to stick to their convictions.

Here is the lesson for us in all of this: We must have the courage of our convictions. Remember, courage is the first of the cardinal virtues, the virtue on which all others depend. We must never cave when it comes to defending the Truth, no matter what comes our way.

Just remember, we have no choice but to stand for what is true and just and to oppose evil no matter what the cost.

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Planned Parenthood
I commend you for your courage and conviction in standing against funding of Planned Parenthood. Don't give up!
To all commenters: This site belongs neither to Komen nor to Planned Parenthood. We don't pass messages along to them. If you want to contact them, you need to look up their information and send your messages directly to them. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
to Komen/Planned Parenthood
Friends at Komen,
While we are happy to know you are fighting to check breast cancer and other woman's problems, we are very disappointed that you have waffled and re-decided to support Planned Parenthood. An organization that works against our women's well-being by allowing and promoting abortion is not one to support in any way. They have duped you into thinking PP affects breast cancer rates. Let alone the disturbing fact that millions of babies die, how can you even think to work with them?
Please rescind your horrendous decision. They should indeed be investigated, and your latest news release saying you are changing the definition of an investigation is bunk politics of your own.
Know that we cannot donate to Komen in any way while you associate with Planned Parenthood or any group that pushes abortion.

God bless,
Rev. Jim & Jennifer
Rosedale, MD
Planned Parenthood
It saddens me to see that you reversed your decison not to fund Planned Parenthood. Your organization is supposed to be about saving lives. So I am totally confused that you can support an organization that takes lives. Please break your ties with Planned Parenthood.
Thank you,
Jane & Bruce Parkinson
They win again . . .
I am extremely discouraged by this decision. Also, today an appeals court in San Francisco struck down Proposition 8, the voter referendum that banned same-sex marriage.

It seems like liberals ALWAYS win. They win on gay marriage. They won on don't ask, don't tell. They win on abortion. They win on EVERYTHING. They have the money and the power to bully people into compliance, like they did with the Komen people. They control a great deal of the media, so conservatives like myself can be made to look like fools.

I know ultimately God wins, but right now, I have to live with the consequences of living in a fallen world.

When was the last time conservatives won any sort of a significant victory and it made a difference? I don't count this last Congressional election because even though many Congresspeople were voted out of office, Congress is at a deadlock and NO progress has been made on issues important to Christians. I am really beginning to think that nothing I can do will make a difference.
Komen - Planned Parenthood flop
In my opinion there's never been a better time to plunder Planned Parenthood while it still exists because eventually through attrition and time its operation will cease once Obamacare is completely orchestrated. If women wait too long to bring a class lawsuit for the abortion-breast cancer link it will be harder to sue the government later. If I remember correctly in the Old Testament, the Israelites "plundered evil" when they left Eygpt Exodus 12:36
komen caves
I am so sorry to hear that Komen didnt stand up to planed parent hood.More women would benifit from life saving services at Komen than life ending proceedures at pp.I do however thank you for the good work you do in trying to save women.
One positive...
...coming out of this is that people are now aware of the PP connection. I've talked with folks who've participated in Komen events and were completely shocked to learn they had raised funds for Planned Parenthood. At least the word is out there now.

As for Komen's failure to address the breast cancer-abortion link, imagine an organization that fights lung cancer not telling people about the link to, say, smoking, due to an ulterior motive. How much credibility would that organization have? I think people on the left and right would agree: not very much. Most people should therefore be able to agree that Komen is wrong to not seriously address the possible abortion connection just because Komen doesn't want to offend a certain element.
Komen and Planned Parenthood
In addition to the correlation between abortion and breast cancer, many contraceptives (like the Pill, which uses artificial estrogen) also significantly increases the risk of breast cancer (although they are often abortifacients, which ends up being the same thing). A wrong, plus a wrong, plus a wrong... Contraceptives cause many more problems than they solve. The irony of a group working against breast cancer funding a group whose actions increase a woman risk of getting breast cancer...
Coercive Censorship
Once again the trenchant venom of secular elitists serves as an effective antidote to reasoned discourse. It's astounding how quickly and easily threats and villification can have a chilling impact on free speech and decisions to deviate from acceptable norms. Seems like this has been the prime tactic of despots, both large and small, throughout much of history.
following the money
Hi - How can I learn more about organizations like Komen and where their funding goes? I'm supported Komen for years but would not had I known they giving funding to planned parenthood.
Is there a database out there that you can search for this type of info.?
Thank you,
Komen Caves
I agree with you, Chuck, that it is horrifying that Komen would cave and give in to the pressure from the left and believe the lies that PP is preserving women's health and that Komen needed to have stood by their convictions. However, on that point I am not fully convinced of what Komen's convictions were to begin with. In the process of them ending their partnership with PP I never once saw any sign that their conviction was one of truth based on the fact that life - all of life - belongs to God, but rather it was more of a "conviction" based on criteria they set for themselves that they would not fund an organization under government investigation. All they had to do was change that criteria. I hope I am wrong and I hope that at the top of the Komen organization there are people who believe in the truth of God's design for man, but at this point I have not seen this from Komen. There backing down and giving into PP did not surprise me because of this lack of belief in truth. I am praying for Komen to this end - that they would realize the truth of who God is as the designer of all of life and that from this they would then recognize the lies that PP is propagating. Thank you for your commentary today. I appreciate and look forward to your day in and day out challenges.
Planned ParentHood
I commend you for you stand not to fund planned Parenthood. It was the thing to do for many reasons. But, I can't believe you reversed your decision because of the pressure from pro abortion groups. You should stand your ground you do such good work.
Sandy and Joe Hogue