Abortion at 40

New Fronts on the Battlefield for Life

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, some “pro-choice” activists are having a midlife crisis. I’ll explain, next on BreakPoint.

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Eric Metaxas

“Forty years ago,” Time magazine says in a new cover story, “abortion-rights activists won an epic victory.”

But get what Time says next: “They’ve been losing ever since.” According to Time magazine, abortion-rights supporters are “losing” because it’s getting harder to find so-called “clinics” that offer this so-called “procedure.” I’m not sure how this is bad news for the pro-choice movement. Didn’t they say they wanted to make abortion “safe, legal, and rare”?

So the numbers of legal abortions are indeed coming down, thanks to an amazing confluence of factors that John Stonestreet talked about last week on BreakPoint. Pro-life activists and legislators across the 50 states have worked to make it harder for abortion centers to open or to remain open, as Time reports.

But there are other factors. The pro-life movement, despite the 40th anniversary of Roe, is getting younger. A whole new generation of leaders sees themselves as abortion survivors. The growing availability of technologies such as ultrasound allow us to see inside the womb, and it’s simply untenable to repeat the old pro-choice lie that the unborn child is merely a “clump of cells.”

Thanks to these technologies, as well as determined and consistent efforts to help babies and their mothers via a growing network of pregnancy care centers, public opinion polls tell us that a solid majority now considers itself to be pro-life.

But the pro-life movement would be making a terrible mistake if we thought that we’ve won the battle for human life. If anything, the fronts are multiplying, due to both political and scientific developments.

On the political side, sadly, we are in the midst of the most radically pro-abortion administration in our nation’s history. Practically Barack Obama’s first act as president was to rescind George W. Bush’s executive order denying federal funds—that is, taxpayer money—to organizations that promote or provide abortions in other countries. Christians in Africa and elsewhere have discovered that they have a new opponent in the battle to protect nascent human life—namely, the U.S. government!

Forces in the United Nations, for their part, are continually seeking to have abortion declared as—if you can believe this—an international human right—except, of course, for the rights of humans whose lives would be snuffed out. And of course the Obama administration is undermining the religious freedom of religiously based groups here at home by forcing them to pay for abortion-inducing drugs for their employees—or face crippling fines.

On the scientific side, a bill to outlaw sex-selective abortion failed last year in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. As a consequence, the lives of unborn girls can be taken, simply because they are girls—right here in the U.S.A. Some 100 million girls in Asia have already lost their opportunity to live because of this barbaric practice.

Then there are the dangers inherent in fetal genetic testing, which can easily lead to abortion when abnormalities, or even just potential abnormalities, are detected. Now, incredibly, up to 90 percent of unborn children with Down syndrome are routinely aborted. This is more than a tragedy. It’s an outrage against God.

So is the abortion fight really over, 40 years after Roe? As much as we’d hope and pray for this, and despite the encouraging progress we’ve made, regrettably, the answer is no. The battle continues. So let’s keep fighting—with commitment, truth, and joy as our weapons. And may the Lord help us.

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Moderation in all things ...
I would agree with Kenny Jr. that Christians ought not to look to the courts and politicians as our ultimate hope to reverse Roe v. Wade. But to just pray and do nothing else is not the answer either. Those are the two extremes. As usual, the truth is in between. We are to pray and work for what is right through the political structures God has blessed us with, even if to no avail in this life, and in the next life we can expect to be rewarded for our efforts eternally. And let us not forget, BTW, that not all pro-lifers are Christians.
"Safe, Legal & Rare"
Hi Eric. The only person I ever heard use the terms making abortion "safe, legal, & rare" was former President Bill Clinton. The abortion industry has NO INTENTION of doing this. There is too much money to be made from abortion on demand & they know it. The radical left also believe human beings contribute to the nonsense called man-made global warming, therefore the fewer the number of people around the globe the better. They have total contempt for God's command to be fruitful & multiply & mistakenly believe this life is all there is. If they believed in eternal life offered by God through His one & only Son & our Savior Jesus Christ they wouldn't be trying so hard to radically preserve a planet which has a finite lifespan according to God's Word. If this life & planet are all there is for us God wouldn't have sacrificed His only Son to give us eternal life & freedom from the bondage of sin. Abortion will one day stop, but I have a feeling God will be the one who stops it. I hope I'm wrong, but the radical left continually show there is no end to their bloodthirstyness & contempt for God's gift of life & those on the other side of the issue far too often put their faith in courts & politicians to end this barbaric practice. God is the answer & it is to Him we should look to to lead the battle against abortion on demand. As Jesus Christ told his disciples regarding salvation, "Human power is of no use at all!". Those words apply to the abortion debate also. Talk to God EVERY day about this & look to Him for guidance. Not courts (a sham in this country) & Republicans (ditto).