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The Colson Center has a wide range of influences and a broad coalition of teaching partners, which make the Colson Center the best place on the internet to learn more about the Christian faith, how to live your faith, and teach and inspire others to live a genuine Christian Worldview.

What these features are:

Centurions Program Faculty

The Centurion Faculty are teachers of the Centurions Program. Whether acting as a guest speaker or as full-time faculty, these instructors have been handpicked as exceptional teachers of the faith, and are instrumental in equipping the future leaders of the Church, so that as a community we may turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ.

Colson Center Fellows

Colson Center Fellows are distinguished intellectuals and leaders who have been invited to join The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, in our effort to raise up disciples. These men and women stand as the principal advisors to The Colson Center.

Ministry Partners

We rejoice to be in affiliation with a growing cadre of like-minded individuals and ministries, sharing and laboring together in the movement to restore the Gospel of the Kingdom and advance the Christian worldview. Ministry Partners participate in the work of The Colson Center by sharing resources, providing reciprocal website links, and cataloging resources in The Colson Center Library.

Speaker’s Bureau

Many church communities are in need of speakers for conferences, Bible studies, lectures, and other events. By providing a speaker’s bureau, the Colson Center hopes that individuals and churches may be served with speakers who fit their needs. On the speaker’s bureau, you may learn about speaker’s by speaking topic, speakers fee, and others. By providing these search categories, a church or faith community is able to be served according to their needs, whether those are financial, topical, or if a specific person is desired as a speaker.