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From The Washington Post

"The Supreme Court on Friday said it will decide whether the Obama administration may require public school systems to let transgender students use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, putting the court again at the center of a divisive social issue."

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From Vox

"It’s hard to imagine two more different films. Inferno is twisty and ludicrous, a code-cracking romp through absurdity against the background of still-medieval Florence; Into the Inferno is a loose, sometimes funny, sometimes unsettling meditation on the ways raw natural power shapes human societies, imaginations, and beliefs. In other words, it’s a Werner Herzog movie.

"What the two films have in common is also what separates them: Both sense that religion is a way of interpreting the world, but they approach their responsibility to that topic from opposite poles."

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From The Gospel Coalition

"Now consider the congregation at The Falls Church. Would they grumble and face God’s punishment like the Israelites did? Or would they shrink back and hide like those early apostles did?

"They did something entirely different. The Falls Church worshiped, and they planted new churches. Pruned of typical comforts, the congregation forged into the unknown with deeper trust in the Lord."

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From Narrative & Nuance

"My intention is to stand up for the increasing middle ground and advocate that a loving, grace-filled, and gospel posture toward the LGBT community, while sincerely holding to historic and traditional ethics on sexuality and gender is possible. In fact, I am convinced it is the right space to be."

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From The Washington Post

"According to the letter penned by abortion advocates, one in three women have had an abortion. This is an inaccurate reference to research relying on data nearly a decade old."

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From Christianity Today

"Every day a new headline proclaims some gaffe, tragedy, or scandal, free of foresight or historical context. Breathing in this nihilistic pollution day in and day out can inadvertently cause a kind of cancer in us as well.

"How are Christians called to breathe in this atmosphere?"

Read more: Richard Clark, Christianity Today
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From The Telegraph

"The World Health Organisation sets global health standards and its ruling is likely to place pressure on the NHS to change its policy on who can access IVF treatment.

"Legal experts said the new definition, which will be sent out to every health minister next year, may force a law change, allowing the introduction of commercial surrogacy."

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From The Guardian

"My colleague at another university showed a picture of an emaciated Hungarian Jewish woman liberated from a death camp. A student yelled out, 'stop showing this, I did not come here to be traumatised', disrupting his lecture on the Hungarian Holocaust. After the student complained of distress, caused by the disturbing image, my colleague was told by an administrator to be more careful when discussing such a sensitive subject. “How can I teach the Holocaust without unsettling my students?” asked my friend. Academics who now feel they have to mind their words are increasingly posing such questions."

Read more: Frank Furedi, The Guardian
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From Aleteia

"There is more human carnage in the first five minutes of Hacksaw Ridge than in the entirety of most any other movie you will see this year. The film’s opening sequence is a bloody ballet of bullets and flame, all played out in slow motion so that not a single spurt of blood or fleck of charred flesh is passed over by the camera. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is safe to say that Mel Gibson has in no way mellowed during his 10-year-long self-inflicted sabbatical from the director’s chair. And apparently, if the standing ovation given by the hundreds of evangelicals in attendance at the special screening I was at are any indication, there are a lot of Christians out there who will be glad he didn’t."

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From Christ & Pop Culture

"Linus wants more from holidays; he wants holy days. And while his vision of the Great Pumpkin is akin to Saint Nick, the emphasis on sincerity and avoiding hypocrisy is telling. For Linus, it’s not about being good but about being true. It’s not so much a pitting of one holiday against another (those 'denominational differences') but of restoring the holiness to our days, especially our holy days."

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From Care Net

"The high percentage of victims who crossed paths with Planned Parenthood and other clinics caused the researchers to call for training protocols to ensure that trafficked women are not simply given contraception or abortion and sent right back to their pimp."

Read more: Arlee Coolidge, Abundant Life Blog, Care Net
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From Christianity Today


"B&C co-chair Mark Noll helped start the publication in 1994, the same year his book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind was released.

"'I’m quite depressed about the state of the world as is reflected in its closing,'” said Noll, a history professor at Notre Dame University, who believes the magazine thrived because of [John] Wilson’s vision and expertise."

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