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From National Review Online

'. . . We can never tolerate the injustice of laws that withdraw all recognition of the humanity of the unborn child from conception to birth. These are our brothers and sisters. I have always viewed the 'life issue' not as a single issue, but as a transcendent issue. Putting aside partisan politics, it should be clear that our society -- in social relations, political discourse, and just plain daily life -- is submerged in a simmering atmosphere of violence. The idea that we can unleash just a bit of violence, or use it against a limited class of people, and not have blood spill over everywhere is fantastical. I pray that I am wrong, but we are being pulled back and forth by volcanic forces. Awash in 'rights,' we are cruel to the innocent and the weak. There is no higher duty than to care for 'little ones.' It cannot end well when we consign that duty to the dustbin of history."

Read more: Chuck Donovan, interviewed by Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online
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From AP/Minneapolis StarTribune

"Calling the court's action an 'ominous sign,' Alito wrote a stinging 15-page dissent for the three dissenting justices. 'If this is a sign of how religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern,' he wrote."

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From The Catholic Thing

"God creates; man is created. God brings into being; man receives his being. Gender ideology proposes something else: that we are our own creators."

Read more: Fr. Paul Scalia, The Catholic Thing
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From AFP/Yahoo! News

"Is it possible to regret becoming a mother? The question first posed by an Israeli researcher has stirred a debate in Germany like in no other country, shattering a long-held taboo."

Read more: Coralie Febvre, AFP/Yahoo! News
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From Christianity Today

'My hope is that Christians will answer Paul’s call to unity across lines of division. Here are some initial steps to take . . ."

Read more: Christena Cleveland, Christianity Today
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From Christ & Pop Culture

"For Nicolaou, the benefit religion provides is a sense of community, mutual support, and 'helping us understand our role in the cosmos.' As these ideas suggest, despite being unaffiliated, Nicolaou came to her quest with preconceptions about religion. Those preconceptions shaped her quest and limited what she would find as she meandered through four major religions and hundreds of congregations over a period of several years."

Read more: Andrew J. Spencer, Christ & Pop Culture
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From The Weekly Standard

"The target Cervantes and Shakespeare attacked was the grandest myth of the Middle Ages: chivalry. It was a noble ideal and at its best it did much to refine an otherwise coarse and brutal world, but it rested on shaky foundations and had many unintended and disastrous consequences."

Read more: Paul A. Cantor, The Weekly Standard
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From Patheos

"Faith inevitably shapes politics. It cannot be otherwise, as faith speaks to ultimate questions -- the character and will of God, the purpose of life, the nature of man, the means of justice, and the path to human flourishing. All have broad and deep political implications and consequences. But perhaps one of the most important roles our faith plays in this election season is to remind us of the limits of politics."

Read more: Cherie Harder, Patheos
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From Religion News Service

"'What it means to be a Baptist is to support soul freedom for everybody,' Moore said during a report to Southern Baptists at the St. Louis gathering. 'And, brothers and sisters, when you have a government that says we can decide whether or not a house of worship can be constructed based upon the theological beliefs of that house of worship, then there are going to be Southern Baptist churches in San Francisco and New York and throughout this country who are not going to be able to build.'"

Read more: Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service

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From National Catholic Register

"How do we deal with the nonsensical lies of political opportunists and Christian bashers? I think our best bet is to take the Christian bashers seriously, to accept that they genuinely believe their own confabulations. Know that they are nuts, but don’t let them drag us down into their nutty vitriol. The crazier they get, the calmer we should become."

Read more: Rebecca Hamilton, National Catholic Register
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From The Daily Signal

"Now that we know that the percent of high school students who have never had sex has increased by more than 10 percent in only 2 years, we at Ascend anticipate a public acknowledgement of the relevancy and efficacy of the Sexual Risk Avoidance message in both press and policy."

Read more: Valerie Huber, The Daily Signal
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From Faith & Family Media Blog

"It’s risky to bring your kids to the movie theaters, especially the younger ones. One temper tantrum and that’s $10 down the drain. So here is one media-savvy mom’s proactive way to get the kids excited and emotionally invested in the film beforehand, so you get your money’s worth!"

Read more: Amalia Zea Meadows, Faith & Family Media Blog, Family Theater Productions
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