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"'It just led to him raping me more, more than he already did, which was a lot,' said Smart, now 28, in a video for the group 'Fight The New Drug,' which raises awareness about the harm pornography causes."

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(Note: Disturbing descriptions at link.)
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From The Atlantic

"If most people haven’t just logicked their way out of believing in God, what’s behind this shift in public religious practice, and what does the shift look like in detail? That’s a big question, one less in search of a straightforward answer than a series of data points and arguments constellated over time. Here’s one: Pew has a new survey out about the way people choose their congregations and attend services. While Americans on the whole are still going to church and other worship services less than they used to, many people are actually going more—and those who are skipping out aren’t necessarily doing it for reasons of belief."

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From The Moderate Voice

"Thank you for trying to tackle themes about faith, love and family without trying to wrap everything up in a nice bow. Although the Gaffigans might be a wholesome family, their show still had plenty of bite to it, right up until the end."

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From The Daily Signal

"The anti-terrorism law prohibits religious gatherings in nonregistered areas, which could reportedly include private homes. It also restricts promoting religion on the Internet. Missionary work or sharing faith without possessing certain documents to do so would lead to fines of up to the equivalent of $765 for a Russian citizen and up to $15,000 for an organization, while a foreign violator would be deported."

Read more: Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal
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From The Daily Signal

"A major new report, published today in the journal The New Atlantis, challenges the leading narratives that the media has pushed regarding sexual orientation and gender identity."

Read more: Ryan T. Anderson, The Daily Signal
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From The Stream

"Baton Rouge, the unassuming neighbor to hard-partying New Orleans of Mardi Gras fame, is enduring its latest turmoil with the catastrophic flooding. But stricken residents of the Baton Rouge area say they’ve seen people pull together -- white and black, officers and civilians -- in ways that give optimism as the high water begins to recede."

Read more: Michael Kunzelman, Kevin McGill, and Rebecca Santana, The Stream
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From Mere Orthodoxy

". . . I think a clear case can be made from Scripture that God’s judgments on His people are severe enough to attract their attention even if those judgments don’t appear to be the direct human consequences of particular sins. Any connection between racial injustice and religious liberty is, like Lincoln’s Second Inaugural address, meant to draw attention to the gravity of our sins and the urgency of addressing them. If we are going to take a stand in the public square, we had best be certain that we are not leaning on feet of clay."

Read more: Matthew Loftus, Mere Orthodoxy
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From Christianity Today

"But contra many people's assumptions that there would be less Jesus in this one, the new Ben-Hur actually has a higher Jesus-per-minute ratio than Wyler's film (partly because it’s almost a couple of hours shorter). It also streamlines its focus, setting up the political allegiances and Jesus' radical message from the start."

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"The pro-life community has long been passionate defenders of the unborn. And I believe we may be on the cusp of a public health crisis that will test the integrity of our convictions and will require us to act beyond the voting booth to save unborn lives."

Read more: Don Shin, RELEVANT
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From Juicy Ecumenism

"Historic torrential flooding is devastating Louisiana. My Methodist grandmother told my father over the phone that 'she’s lost everything' in her submerged East Baton Rouge home. The Washington Post reports the Red Cross is calling this the 'worst natural disaster' since Hurricane Sandy. But where is the UMW headquarters’s attention? Bathrooms and transgender agendas."

Read more: Chelsen Vicari, Juicy Ecumenism, The Institute on Religion & Democracy
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From Aleteia

"If you have been watching the Olympics this year, odds are you have seen the famous 'Christ the Redeemer' statue that overlooks the city of Rio. It is listed as one of the 'New Seven Wonders of the World' and has become one of Brazil’s most famous landmarks. Measuring 124 feet tall with an arm span of 92 feet wide, it is almost as big as the Statue of Liberty."

Read more: Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
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From AP/CBS News

"Syrian opposition activists have released haunting footage showing a young boy rescued from the rubble in the aftermath of a devastating airstrike in Aleppo."

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