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From Vox

"Within the pro-life outlook, the hiddenness of the fetus is a microcosm of our social relations. As Gracy Olmstead observed, the Women’s March on Washington’s proclamation that 'defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us' perfectly distills the pro-lifer’s beliefs. 'Defending the voiceless, the vulnerable, the marginalized, is priority number one,' Olmstead suggests. After all, 'voiceless,' 'marginalized,' and 'invisible' aptly describe life within the womb.

"In the same way, the embryo’s radical dependence upon its mother crystallizes the appropriate moral response to humans in need. The radical dependency the embryo manifests changes form, but never totally dissolves. If our adult lives are no longer at the mercy of only one other person for our nourishment and health, they are yet entangled with political and natural forces that far exceed our control."

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From NBC News

"While the line was well-received at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., outside observers pounced -- saying that altering the provision would threaten the sanctity of America's separation of church and state and raise issues of religious lobbying."

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From AP/The Los Angeles Times

"The White House says President Trump will leave intact a 2014 executive order that protects federal workers from anti-LGBTQ discrimination."

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From Vanity Fair

"Down through the decades, Carolyn Bryant Donham (she would divorce, then marry twice more) was a mystery woman. An attractive mother of two young boys, she had spent approximately one minute alone with Till before, in view of others, the alleged whistling had occurred. (He may not have whistled; he was said to have a lisp.) Carolyn then dropped out of sight, never speaking to the media about the incident. But she is hidden no more. In a new book, The Blood of Emmett Till (Simon & Schuster), Timothy Tyson, a Duke University senior research scholar, reveals that Carolyn—in 2007, at age 72—confessed that she had fabricated the most sensational part of her testimony."

Read more: Sheila Weller, Vanity Fair
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From The Federalist

"Isaiah’s Promise, a support group for families carrying to term after a severe or fatal prenatal diagnosis, introduced me to mothers who had gone through similar scenarios. With time, support, and grace, my anger and devastation developed into profound love, gratitude, and hope. I recall a moment when I was seven months pregnant, holding my belly, carrying my son, and feeling so deeply grateful for Thomas."

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"Have you been to the March for Life? Are you going this year? Got any last minute suggestions for how to make the most of the day? And tell me about your amazing signs!"

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From Aleteia

"Identifying herself as a 'religious seeker' she considers herself to be 'pro-choice,' but this past weekend, Marci Velando joined the Sisters as they participated in the West Coast Walk for Life — something she never, in a million years, anticipated doing."

Read more: Zoe Romanowsky, Aleteia
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From Christ & Pop Culture

"Admitting our tendency to make our aims and goals all about our own self-improvement is key. By facing and embracing our brokenness, we can let go of our need to be strong and power through to our best selves."

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From The Washington Post

"With the inauguration of a new president of the United States, now is a time to pray for President Trump and to remember our obligation as Christians to pray for all those who are in civil authority. The Apostle Paul charges us to offer prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings for 'all people,' and includes in that list 'kings and all who are in high positions' (1 Tim. 2:2). This very act of praying is itself a counter-cultural act."

Read more: Russell Moore, Acts of Faith, The Washington Post
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From MercatorNet

"The potential for exploiting vulnerable people is immense."

Read more: Michael Cook, Careful! Blog, MercatorNet
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From Juicy Ecumenism

"In 2016, more than six out of ten of respondents (61 percent) said they wanted to read the Bible more often. That proportion has stayed fairly constant since 2011 when Barna began keeping data. It has ranged between 60 percent and 62 percent, except in 2011, when it peaked at 67 percent of respondents."

Read more: Joseph Rossell, Juicy Ecumenism, The Institute on Religion & Democracy
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From Gleanings

"A little more than a year after the Indian government told Compassion that it could no longer receive funding from outside the subcontinent, the humanitarian organization will likely be closing its last operations there."

Read more: Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, Gleanings, Christianity Today
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