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'Univ. of Chicago pushes back on trigger warnings, safe spaces'Gina DalfonzoAug 25, 2016 11:44 AMEducation, Trends, Youth Issues

'Gripping image of boy in war-torn Syria draws eyes worldwide'Gina DalfonzoAug 18, 2016 11:01 AMArts & Media, Human Rights & Persecution, International Affairs, Politics & Government, Youth Issues

'It's O.K., Liberal Parents, You Can Freak Out about Porn'Gina DalfonzoAug 17, 2016 12:16 PMArts & Media, Marriage & Family, Sexual Ethics, Technology, Worldview, Youth Issues

'SDG Reviews ‘Pete’s Dragon’'Gina DalfonzoAug 15, 2016 2:29 PMArts & Media, Marriage & Family, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Pope Francis laments that children are taught they can choose their gender'Gina DalfonzoAug 03, 2016 10:55 AMChurch Issues, Education, Gender Issues, International Affairs, Religion & Society, Sexual Ethics, Youth Issues

'Free Inquiry vs. Social Justice at Brown University'Gina DalfonzoAug 01, 2016 3:46 PMEducation, Politics & Government, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Court rejects Ohio law that bans police from sex with minors'Gina DalfonzoJul 29, 2016 3:25 PMCrime & Justice, Politics & Government, Sexual Ethics, Youth Issues

'Students' Broken Moral Compasses'Gina DalfonzoJul 27, 2016 12:36 PMEducation, Ethics, Religion & Society, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Black teenagers & cops: a conversation we need to duplicate all across the country'Gina DalfonzoJul 26, 2016 3:33 PMCrime & Justice, Inspiration, Politics & Government, Racial Issues, Youth Issues

'Fort Myers Shooting: 2 Dead, More Than Dozen Wounded After Teen Event'Gina DalfonzoJul 25, 2016 11:36 AMCrime & Justice, Youth Issues

'A space for struggle, an answer of hope: The kind of culture churches really need'Gina DalfonzoJul 18, 2016 3:28 PMArts & Media, Church Issues, Religion & Society, Youth Issues

'SDG Reviews 'The Secret Life of Pets''Gina DalfonzoJul 08, 2016 4:14 PMArts & Media, Worldview, Youth Issues

'The BFG'Gina DalfonzoJul 05, 2016 2:48 PMArts & Media, Books, Worldview, Youth Issues

'Number of Teenagers Having Sex Has Dramatically Declined'Gina DalfonzoJun 20, 2016 3:16 PMEducation, Health & Science, Politics & Government, Sexual Ethics, Trends, Worldview, Youth Issues

'From ‘Finding Dory’ to ‘The BFG’ to ‘Ghostbusters': Preparing Your Kids . . .'Gina DalfonzoJun 20, 2016 2:07 PMArts & Media, Books, Marriage & Family, Youth Issues

'A father's faith: How modern dads impact their children's religious views'Gina DalfonzoJun 17, 2016 2:06 PMMarriage & Family, Religion & Society, Youth Issues

'Why Being a Pro-Life Church Is Messier Than You Think'Gina DalfonzoJun 16, 2016 9:43 AMChurch Issues, Life Issues, Marriage & Family, Religion & Society, Youth Issues

'Norway returns children to Christian family after months of international protest'Gina DalfonzoJun 15, 2016 11:49 AMHuman Rights & Persecution, International Affairs, Marriage & Family, Politics & Government, Religion & Society, Youth Issues

'Denmark to Become World's First Nation to Stop Classifying Transsexualism as Mental Illness'Gina DalfonzoJun 08, 2016 3:22 PMGender Issues, Health & Science, International Affairs, Marriage & Family, Politics & Government, Youth Issues

'Canon Fodder'Gina DalfonzoJun 08, 2016 2:24 PMArts & Media, Books, Education, Health & Science, History, Racial Issues, Youth Issues