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'Mother challenges viewing of Internet porn at library; girl saw it'

"'At a minimum, there should be warning signs posted, stating that some screens may contain adult content. ... I had no idea my girls could be exposed to such images at our local library,' she wrote in her email to the library."

Read more: Erik Lacitis, Seattle Times

(H/T Dick Staub)


I remember attending my first briefing of volunteers. One asked the reason, and I raised my hand and said,"If you have garbage in your house that's your business but if you have garbage on the street that's everyone's business." The supervisor was pleased by that.

Computers are public property and have people taking turns and standing in line for them. No one has any business using them to feed his private vice when a child behind might see.

We do check out erotica that people intend to take home to read. What is not allowed is using public computers to watch porn. As most people today have their own computers that is not such a burden and is really no different then forbidding the playing of loud rap music in the library.
Library . . .
This is the logical conclusion of the "no-censorship" stance of the American Library Association. They believe that anything should be available to anyone at any age. Anything less than that is "censorship".

I was a librarian for 12 years. In one public library I worked at, an NC-17 movie, "Henry and June", was part of the collection. Under the policy statements of the library I worked at, if a child wanted to check that movie out, we HAD to let them do it.
My library doesn't allow that.