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'Canada Offers Lessons on Women in Combat'

"Canadian officers say women warriors proved as effective as men in front-line combat roles in Ottawa's most recent big military engagement, in Afghanistan from 2002 to 2011. But Canada has struggled to fill combat jobs with women, and those who do join can feel isolated as a result. "

Read more: Alistair MacDonald, Wall Street Journal


Jason, Fractals Have Something to do With It
But only roughly in the same way that a nail has something to do with the fall of a kingdom.

Now shut the box, and let's go have coffee.
Besides, I think it was Pandora who opened her box, in the original, wasn't it?
I know what a fractal is; I have a mathematician for a brother. But again, what do fractals have to do with it.
Oh Jason, You Have Opened Pandora's Box...
“Fractals, as defined by Hans Lauwereier, are geometrical figures 'in which an identical motif repeats itself on an ever diminishing scale'. The term for such repetition is iteration, and these iterations can be used to make models of any natural object, be it a fern or a galaxy [or a trite phrase of Rolley's].
Idiotic example of the latter:

I think, therefore I am, I think. Therefore, I am, I think, 'there'; for I AM (I think).

Jason, why hast thou tempted me so to bait the YOD? I fear that before it's over, Sherrie will be outswinging Gina.

Oh Canada! Ada nacho!
I'm not sure what fractals have to do with it.
Heh Again
And again I say, "heh again".

(Why did the word "fractals" just pop into my head?) (Followed by the word "YOD").
The evidence in fact is ambiguous. There have long been "women-in-combat"; like Nicholette the cantiniere in Seven Men of Gascony(a surprisingly ladylike member of that tribe, but not blatantly opposed to reality). What there haven't been are successful attempts to change the basically patriarchal nature of the profession of arms.

The physical problem is that all armies must be capable of "yomping". No matter how much technology is available nothing has yet replaced the ability to go large distances on foot with large packs.

The fact that some women can do this is evidenced by the fact that there are successful female climbers; and climbing, at least expedition climbing, is probably the civilian activity most analogous to campaigning. However that does not mean that this can be a counted on with as great an average as for men.

As every vehicle-manufacturer knows, every ability must come at the cost of some other. Speed comes at the cost of capacity. Armor, speed, and firepower come at the cost of each other, and all three come at the cost of ease of manufacture. The female body is optimized for creating life. That necessarily comes at the cost of ability in ending it.

Be that as it may, what business has the Canadian military in "struggling" to fill combat jobs with women. Wouldn't they be better off struggling to be more effective at, well, struggling?
And again I say, "heh".
Doesn't editing a blog also provide lessons on women in combat?

It's called the culture *wars*, you know.