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'Virginity Is Not the Point'

"Let’s move past the syntax and definitions, though, because the real issue with born-again virginity is not a matter of what or even who. The real issue—the problem, too—is about why. Why do we have this term and justify using it? Why does the Church, which the Bible insists is made of all broken people, think that lost virginities need their own particular fix?"

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Just a thought
This is actually part of a biggger deeper problem. I have asked christians what the term "born again virgin" means and they say Paul says we are a new creation and "all things" are new.

This is bad biblical reading. We take a verse out of context and extrapolate all kinds of ideas that are not what the author was talking about. We need to read the Bible in the context it is speaking about.

Here is another popular "all things" misquote, Paul said we can do all things through Christ who give us strength. If you believe that start flapping your arms and flying. To know what Paul meant look up the passage.