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'People criticize pro-lifers for focusing so much on abortion . . .'

From Vox

"Within the pro-life outlook, the hiddenness of the fetus is a microcosm of our social relations. As Gracy Olmstead observed, the Women’s March on Washington’s proclamation that 'defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us' perfectly distills the pro-lifer’s beliefs. 'Defending the voiceless, the vulnerable, the marginalized, is priority number one,' Olmstead suggests. After all, 'voiceless,' 'marginalized,' and 'invisible' aptly describe life within the womb.

"In the same way, the embryo’s radical dependence upon its mother crystallizes the appropriate moral response to humans in need. The radical dependency the embryo manifests changes form, but never totally dissolves. If our adult lives are no longer at the mercy of only one other person for our nourishment and health, they are yet entangled with political and natural forces that far exceed our control."

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Actually it is of little relevance that a baby might be the next Einstein or Beethoven who only are known because of a series of random chances in their lives long after they were born anyway. It is of overwhelming relevance that a baby is a baby.