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BreakPoint Comment Forum Rules

  1. Keep it clean. No profanity, sexually explicit remarks or links, or misuses of the Lord’s name.
  2. Keep it friendly. No deliberately intimidating, hateful, threatening or otherwise libelous comments.
  3. Keep it short. We want a conversation, not a monologue. No more than three comments in a row from one person.
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  7. Keep it generic. Please don’t use our comment threads as an opportunity to promote your favorite cause, organization or product. We frown on shameless plugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon can I expect to see my comments posted?
A: During regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00), we will typically review and post your comment within one hour of submission.  During all other times, delays will vary.

Q: Why should I have to register on the site to get my comments posted?
A: We are building an online community, and we fully expect those who participate to identify with that community.  This entails both an opportunity to express viewpoints and a responsibility to stand behind those viewpoints.  We ask readers to register before posting comments so that we can maximize involvement in our online community, keep in touch with individual members and ensure a safe, friendly environment for all our readers.

BreakPoint Comment Forum Policy

  1. Should any user submit a comment which violates our forum rules, it will be deleted immediately.  No exceptions.
  2. If a community member continually violates or shows contempt or disregard for the forum rules, the BreakPoint staff can and will disable that person’s account.
  3. BreakPoint retains the right (but has no obligation) to monitor and delete comments for any reason deemed appropriate by the managers.
  4. Comments solely reflect the view of and are owned by the individual users posting the comments and not by Breakpoint/Colson Center.
  5. Users post comments on this site at their own risk.

BreakPoint, Prison Fellowship, Centurions, and the Colson Center do not necessarily endorse the content of any comments made on these sites. All views and opinions expressed are solely those of the community member(s) who post them.  Because BreakPoint encourages a marketplace of ideas within its specified rules of exchange, our managers may approve comments which express views divergent or contrary to those of Chuck Colson, Mark Earley, the BreakPoint/Prison Fellowship/Colson Center/Centurions staff or the author whose work is featured. While community members may report abuse, comments are either published or deleted at the sole discretion of the BreakPoint staff.


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