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What is a Christian Worldview? What are the challenges that Christianity faces today - and what can I do about it? How do I transform my boring Bible study into a dynamic discipling group?

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Worldview Gym Trial Course

The Worldview Gym Trial Membership introduces you to The Worldview Gym as a resource for personal growth. In this one-session tutorial you'll join people from all over the country to assess your spiritual life and ministry opportunities, and to discover how you can begin to impact your culture and the people around you for Christian worldview.

The cost of the trial membership is free.

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Worldview Gym

Based on the worldview spheres, The Worldview Gym is a lively, contemporary, and Biblical exercise regimen for growing in Christian worldview living.

The Worldview Gym offers weekly spiritual exercises that employ a systematic approach to developing various spiritual muscle groups. These workouts include 8 monthly teleconferences covering Scripture, contemporary issues, and more. Worldview Gym Series 1 members have access to a personal trainer to work with you between workout sessions. After completing the Worldview Gym Series 1, graduates now have the opportunity to sponsor a Worldview Gym at their own church.

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ViewPoint Studies

The ViewPoint studies will address contemporary issues and challenge your understanding of them from a Christian worldview. These courses will meet once a month for six months in a teleconference tutorial.

Worldview and Why It Matters

This video-based course features Chuck Colson and Glenn Sunshine discussing the idea of worldview and why it matters. Each session, moderated by T. M. Moore, is designed to facilitate lively interaction about life's most important questions to help you become more consistent in living the Christian worldview.

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Teaching for Transformation

Tired of teaching endless Bible studies and Sunday School classes and seeing no change in the lives of your students? Teaching for Transformation can help you learn how to use small groups as an effective setting for making disciples.

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Everyday Christians, Everyday

Christianity is a full-time calling, all the time, every day. No matter who we are or where we are, our lives bristle with opportunities for making God's glory known. Discover ways of "putting feet" to your Christian worldview, so that every day your life becomes more of an adventure of living for Jesus Christ.

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Spirit of the Age

Throughout history, the great leaders of the people of God have understood the times in which they live, and how the community of faith should do. If we are to be effective men and women today, we must also know what is "out there", and how to address specific aspects of the spirit of the age in our lives and ministries.

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