Politics and Faith DVD

Chuck Colson on Politics and Faith

PolFaithIn this four-session DVD curriculum, Colson’s discussions are neither “religious right” nor “religious left” but balanced, clear, and biblically based.

From his time as counsel to President Richard Nixon to his years as commentator on the radio broadcast Breakpoint and his leadership of Prison Fellowship, Chuck Colson is uniquely qualified to provide an insider’s perspective on today’s pressing issues of faith and politics. This four-session DVD curriculum gives individuals or small groups the opportunity to hear neither a “religious right” nor a “religious left” perspective but balanced, clear, and biblically based thoughts on these important issues. Colson provides a great starting point for informed and thoughtful discussion and application to life in a political world on the following topics:

• Is America a Christian nation?
• Should Christians be in politics?
• What is America’s church and state problem?
• Can politics save America?

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