The Faith DVD Curriculum
In this powerful curriculum, Chuck Colson and Gabe Lyons identify the unshakable tenets of the faith that Christians have believed through the centuries—truths that offer a ground for faith in uncertain times, hope and joy for those who despair, and reconciliation for a world at war with God and itself.

res-faithdvd2Rightly understood and rightly communicated, the Christian faith is one of great joy. It is an invitation to God’s kingdom, where tears are replaced by laughter and longing hearts find their purpose and their home. This is the heart of the gospel: God’s search to reclaim us and love us as his own. But have we truly grasped this ?

The Faith is a curriculum for our troubled times and for decades to come, for Christians and non-Christians alike. Chuck Colson and Gabe Lyons will lead you through six thought-provoking, soul-searching, and powerful sessions on the great, historical central truths of Christianity that have sustained believers through the centuries. Brought to immediacy with vivid, true stories, here is what Christianity is really about and why it is a religion of hope, redemption, and beauty.

The Faith DVD
By: Charles W. Colson, Gabe Lyons
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Includes six sessions: 1. What is Christianity ? 2. The Fall and God’s Response 3. The Cross and Reconciliation 4. The Nature of God 5. The Community of God 6. The Joy of Orthodoxy

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The Faith Small Group Participant's Guide
By: Charles W. Colson, Garry Poole
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