The Faith Endorsements

“This book reads like a novel and packs the wallop of a sledgehammer. I think it is quite possibly the most important book Chuck has ever written.”
Bill Hybels
Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

“The book indeed works as both catechesis and as apologetic, a strong defense for traditional faith without sounding overly defensive. The Faith is more a celebration of orthodoxy than a circling of the theological wagons. Its primary message is that Christianity is true, Christianity is good, and Christianity is beneficial for the world. Its primary method is to do so by explaining what Christianity is.”
Trevin Wax
Christianity Today Review

“True, biblical Christianity is often mischaracterized by the media, misused by politicians, and mistaught by academics, making it misunderstood by most Americans. That’s why everyone will benefit from reading this book—whether you are a skeptic, a seeker, a new believer, or alongtime follower of Christ. The combination of Chuck Colson’s thoughtful brilliance and Harold Fickett’s engaging prose gives us a clear, concise, and compelling summary of what followers of Jesus actually believe.”
Dr. Rick Warren
The Purpose Driven Life, Saddleback Church

“The Faith will no doubt become a classic like Loving God. This masterful work will no doubt be used, and should be used, by every evangelical church, pastor, and believer in America. It succinctly speaks the truth about the basics of our faith and how that faith can be described, believed, and shared with a world in desperate need. As a masterful storyteller who interweaves powerful, hard-hitting truths, Chuck Colson has truly done a wonder job. I commend it without hesitation and will be asking all those within my sphere of influence to read this powerful book.”
Frank S. Page
President, Southern Baptist Convention

“In an age of muddled thinking about what Christianity is about, Chuck’s new book clears the air, sets straight the facts, and invigorates the mind and soul, reminding us all of the historical and timeless truths of our faith!”

BreakPoint Online