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Video Series by Chuck Colson and Rick Warren

Christian leaders Chuck Colson and Rick Warren have joined together to produce a stimulating study called Wide Angle: Framing Your Worldview.

Our worldview—the way we look at life—impacts everything we do. The moral choices we make; the way we spend our money; the kind of relationships we have; the priorities we set.


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The question is: Is our worldview fully shaped by Christian truth? And do we know the best way to detect and counter the false values of our culture?

In this DVD study series, Colson and Warren tackle some of the key issues of our day: truth vs. relativism, creationism vs. Darwinism, tolerance, terrorism, and so much more. You will learn about competing worldviews, the biblical basis for a Christian worldview, and its application to every facet of life.

DVD-driven, this study is easy to lead. Get a kit for the leader, plus study guides and books for each participant. Then get your friends together, offer some refreshments, and turn on the DVD player!

The group and I have thoroughly enjoyed this study. My husband and I are reading through the book, "The Good Life." We are getting so much clarity from both Chuck Colson and Rick Warren's presentations and thought provoking truths. If feels so good to actually see and not just feel what the Bible says is Truth. We look forward to each week of sessions. Thank you for all who have produced this study. It is a must for all Christians to go through in order to stand firm in our beliefs.
- Gail, Palos Park, Ill.

I really enjoyed Wide Angle and purchased a copy of the curriculum for my church to use as a small group study or Sunday School class. Rick Warren and Chuck Colson cover some very important topics that all Christians need to consider in today's world. The format for the weekly sessions is easy to use and facilitates good discussion. Thanks for making the class available.
Susan, Sterling, Va.

I am looking forward to sharing this information with a small group. It is so vital for Christians to see how their faith is integrated as a whole way of viewing life. The dialog between Chuck and Rick is a perfect way for people to be challenged in their thinking in a non-threatening way. They demonstrate how practical worldview really is and that it affects our lives right where we live them. It's a great tool to show Christians how to interact with non-believers of all backgrounds.
- Cindy, Chantilly, Va.

Wide Angle is a blessing because it makes to think deep on issues such as evolution and dignity of life. Our group is always engaged and never runs out of good discussions every week. It’s very encouraging.
– Jay, Houston, Texas


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