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  • Does a Loving God Send People to Hell?

    Many people think it just doesn’t seem right that God would condemn some people to a fiery place of damnation. God is love, and eternally punishing people doesn’t quite fit with that, right? So how can a loving God send people to hell?

    To begin, it would be helpful to understand where God is thought to be sending people. The majority of Americans believe in a place called hell. Many consider it a place of eternal punishment of “fire and brimstone”—like a fiery torture chamber. But is this what hell is—an eternal furnace of sorts where people are tortured forever? Just what is it?
  • John Stonestreet on the 'Don Kroah Show'

    John will be a guest on WAVA's "Don Kroaah Show" today at 5:30 ET. The topic is his Christian Post article "The Plight of Christians in Iraq and Africa: The Obscenity of Silence." You can go here and click "Listen Live" to hear him!READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Theology Matters: A Message to Joel and Victoria Osteen

    Those who know me will tell you I’m a doer, not a thinker. But that does not mean I don’t understand nor recognize the importance of theology. What good is moving people to action if you don’t have a solid foundation of WHAT is moving them?

    As Gina mentioned last week, popular speaker Victoria Osteen, wife of Joel Osteen, recently spoke some words of deceptive “American Dream” theology that have gone viral. Her main message, one she emphatically repeated, is that doing good isn’t for God, it’s for us.

    To quote Megatron from Transformers: “Oh, so unwise.”
  • The Essence of Christianity

    The apostle James wrote that the essence of Christianity—that which epitomizes “pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father”—is to care for “orphans and widows in their distress.” (James 1:27, NASB)

    Babies aborted are “orphans” in the truest sense of the word, for they have been abandoned, by those entrusted to care for them, to the uttermost, even to death. The sheer number who have been led to slaughter with virtually no opposition even by churches who call themselves pro-life ought to give us pause before we conclude what we have been practicing is, in the sight of God, “pure and undefiled religion.”

    As to where James came up with his definition of Christianity—divine inspiration, to be sure. But it also appears he knew his Bible:
  • Theology fail

    Currently circulating on Facebook is this helpful summary of everything that's wrong with the Osteens' view of life and faith. . . . READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Friends? With him!?

    Christians love everyone, right?

    Our entire faith is built on the principle that God loves mankind for no other reason than because of who He is. It has nothing to do with us or anything we could ever accomplish. We love because He first loved us. That’s the kind of love we are called to have for one another.

    However, what I see in many Christians, and the way they interact with non-believers . . . well, frankly, it scares me. There is an attitude that exists that is not biblically supported, and frankly is damaging to those who may be seeking (or not yet seeking) Christ in their own lives.
  • Interview with John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell

    Ed Stetzer has a new interview with them in Christianity Today about their new book, "Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God's Design for Marriage." Here's a sample:
  • No middle ground

    This is one of those articles that make your heart sink into your stomach out of sheer despair for the human race (especially if you go on to read the comment section, which, these days, is almost never a good idea).

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  • Mistaken Identity

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