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  • Max and the Old North Bridge: A Reflection on Freedom

    Emily Colson has written a marvelous post at She reflects on the meaning of freedom as she and her autistic son, Max, visit the Old North Bridge in Concord, Mass.

    As Max (Chuck Colson’s grandson) charges across the bridge shouting, “The British are coming! The British are coming!” Emily reflects on the sacrifices made there by the American militiamen in 1775. Are we ready to sacrifice for freedom?

  • Perelandra and Glundandra Meet Again

    This week, Jupiter and Venus are once again the king and queen of the night sky.

    At the peak of their fabulous conjunction, the two planets stood just a fraction of a degree apart from each other from the perspective of Earth's inhabitants, reportedly appearing as a double star to the naked eye. Although the planets came their closest on Tuesday night, you can still see them doing their little dance if you take the time to check out the night sky throughout the rest of this week.

    Beyond simply being a cool stargazing moment, this close encounter between the planets is basically just one big literary reference for me and some of my friends here at BreakPoint. It'll take some rabbit trails to explain it all, but here's why this celestial conjunction gives me goosebumps when I glance at it from here, down below.
  • The Problem with Relativism

    We live in an age of moral relativism--a time when you can't say someone else's lifestyle or beliefs are wrong. After all (as they say) what may be true for you isn't necessarily true for everyone else. Although there is something to be said for recognizing that there is no cut-and-dried formula for how to do the right thing in every situation, the rejection of absolute truth ultimately leads to some major confusion.

    And that's something that struck me as I was browsing The New York Times this morning.
  • It's Not Over Yet

    This guy does the best job I've seen of answering the question, "How does my gay 'marriage' hurt you personally?"

    I believe he's right about the government dropping the tax exemption for churches who don't catch up with the "right thinkers" on this issue, which will drive many churches to close their doors. We may need to hold services in house churches, as faithful Chinese Christians have done for decades rather than worship in a "government-approved" church. Or we might meet in auditoriums.

    Oh, wait--they probably won't let us use auditoriums because our pastors might preach a message based on Romans 1 and 2.
  • John Stonestreet on 'The Eric Metaxas Show'

    John and Eric will be talking about two major stories on Eric's radio show today: the Charleston shooting and the Supreme Court marriage ruling. You can go here to listen!READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • People Help the People

    Check out this statment from The New York Times: "New research suggests that, even if you enjoy being by yourself, it just might kill you—or at least shorten your life."

    Can you say, "It is not good for the man to be alone"?
  • What 58,000,000 Looks Like

    A little over 58 million babies have been aborted in America since January 22, 1973. Few of us have any idea how many “anythings” 58 million is. Here's something I did that might help us all to grasp the enormity of that number:
  • Judge Not?

    When it comes to being a Christian, one of the hardest aspects of the nationwide gay marriage debate is the problem of judgment. Those who would support the movement look to Bible passages such as Matthew 7:1 that command against casting judgment on others, saying that Christians who condemn the movement as sinful are in the wrong. They would argue that being homosexual is such a big part of someone's identity that telling them that they are sinning and urging them not to act accordingly does not accord with Jesus' command to love others.

    This understanding of such passages in the Bible, however, gives inadequate attention to biblical context.

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  • C. S. Lewis and the Planets

    There's a meeting in the sky this week. For the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I'm John Stontestreet with The Point.

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