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  • Julian Simon: Expressing the Imago Dei in Economic Terms

    Julian Simon’s name does not mean much to many Christians today, but it should.

    Since his death on Feb. 8, 1998, 19 years ago this week, those who follow “the dismal science” of economics continue to study him, but most of the rest of us . . . well, not so much. He is, though, something of a model for how to promote unpopular ideas in the public square in ways that attract not just attention, but adherents.

  • Where is Culture Headed in the Next Decade...and Beyond?

    Where is culture headed for the next decade? And what does this mean for our relationships, jobs, and task as apologists and influencers of the next generation? I recently read the excellent book "The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future" and want to highlight the twelve trends that the author, Kevin Kelly, believes will shape the future. It’s hard to disagree with his insights.

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  • A Comeback for the Family?

    Is the decline of the family coming to an end? Allan Carlson says it is, or at least it could be, in a new book called “Family Cycles: Strength, Decline, and Renewal in American Domestic Life, 1630-2000.”

    I interviewed Carlson in 2015 at the World Congress of Families in Salt Lake City, Utah, about his provocative theory that the health of the family rises and falls in cycles. Carlson says we have seen “four distinct cycles” of strength and weakness in the family in American history. Each cycle lasts about 100 years, and he believes we have just passed through the trough of one of these cycles and that the health of the family is on the upswing again.

  • More on Calling, Creativity, and 'La La Land'

    On the new edition of "CAPC Digest," I discuss my article about the Oscar-nominated film and its worldview, especially on the issue of calling. Go here to listen!READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Are Questions Better than Answers? No Question About It!

    Although it might surprise you, given that I grew up with a famous apologist father, my parents asked me more questions than they gave me answers. My parents did not want me to believe something simply on authority, but because I had good reasons for believing it was true. They certainly wanted me to become a Christian, but they were also deeply interested in helping me learn how to think critically for myself and to confidently arrive at truth.

    Jesus also asked dozens of questions even though he knew the answers. Why? While there could be other reasons, it seems to me that he wanted to elicit faith in people and to help them arrive at a personal knowledge of the truth. When it comes to helping people arrive at a biblical worldview, Jesus knew questions were often far more powerful than statements. In fact, he knew the most important question of all is, “Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15)

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  • Good News from Colorado

    Three hospitals in Boulder County, Colorado, are opting out of a new state "medically assisted death" law. The Daily Camera reports: READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Ruth Samuelson Personified 'Local Shalom'

    At the Colson Center we often talk about something we call “local shalom.” When we use the expression, we are talking about the notion that we Christians should care about the "big ideas" of the Christian worldview, but we should also care about people, about “loving God and loving our neighbor. We are called not just to declare the Gospel (as important as that is) but also to demonstrate the Gospel by being peacemakers in our local communities.

    That’s why it’s painful for me to write about the loss of a person who personified this idea of “local shalom” more fully than any other person I have known.
  • VP Mike Pence's Remarks at the March for Life

    The Hill has video and will soon have a full transcript of Pence's speech from today.READ FULL ARTICLE »

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