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Tim Tebow: Putting Football in Perspective

Tebow_philippines Both my parents graduated from the University of Florida (not to mention two uncles, two aunts, one brother, one sister-in-law, and over a half dozen cousins). When my mom's 23 chromosomes met up with my dad's and formed me, I got 100% Gator DNA. I've been a fan ever since. I love college football, but especially Gator football.

We've had our share of ruffians, but over the years it has helped to also see so many outstanding Christians among the Gator line-up. Danny Wuerffel was a particular inspiration to me when I was in high school and he was playing for the Gators and being so outspoken about his faith. His subsequent move to work with Desire Street ministries thrilled me.

Then when Tim Tebow came along, I couldn't have been happier. After accepting his Heisman Trophy last year, he traveled to the Philippines, where he had been born, to minister to orphans. I've heard a lot about him speaking in prisons. Last night on the pre-game show there were several minutes devoted to his witness. They interviewed some of the prisoners to whom he has ministered.

Imagine little old me... with my love of this ministry and sharing Christ with prisoners...and my love for the Gators. I was on cloud nine. The only thing that could have made it better was the Gators winning a National Championship! And then, they did.

Hats off to Tim Tebow for his outstanding and bold witness. I pray more of us would follow his example! (Read more here.)

I can't find the video clip from the pre-game show on line, but I recorded it and here are some quotes:

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