Antony Flew Dies
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The most influential atheist of the last half century died on April 8. Six years prior, he shocked the world of unbelievers by converting to deism.

Although his turn was highly criticized by his former colleagues, it was the result of his dogged pursuit to "follow the evidence wherever it leads."

Professor Flew, may you find peace as you meet the merciful Lord at journey's end.


On Anthony Flew's death
Who among thinkers can forget the name of this former notorious atheist-turned-deist-turned-theist Anthony Flew? By thinkers I mean those, who like Flew, listen to Socrates' advice to "follow the argument where it leads." And where did the argument lead Flew except to the realization that there must be a God out there who is responsible for the intrinsic design of the universe, whom philosophers call as the First Cause. My only frustration is that Flew did not live longer enough to finally follow the argument beyond the Aristotelian limit, w/c, I believe, basically runs short of the full import of the argument, simply because he did not give way to the argument put forth by revelation. Nonetheless, by following the argument, at least to a certain limit, he only proved himself to be far better off than than most of his former colleagues in the godless atheist society - including the great Bertrand Russell and other atheists of lesser lights like the obscurantists Richard Dawkins and Samuel Harris.

Edwin Vargas
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