Forget Nancy Pelosi
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Forget Nancy Pelosi’s expertise in religion and immigration; BreakPoint has been talking about illegal immigration for years. Below are five BreakPoint commentaries and articles I looked up on the Christian worldview perspective on U.S. illegal immigration.

As an immigrant myself, my hope is that all believers will prayerfully seek Biblical truth on the subject and will find balance in upholding the rule of law, while at the same time caring for “strangers in our midst.”

Defending the Stranger in Our Midst: The Demonizing of Immigrants by Chuck Colson, 6/8/2009

Strangers in Our Midst: Reflecting on Immigration by T.M. Moore, 4/25/2006

An Immigration Compromise: Showing Compassion, Upholding the Law by Chuck Colson, 7/12/2006

Illegal Immigration: A Biblical Perspective by Mark Earley, 5/8/2006

Illegal Immigration: The Real Root of the Problem by Chuck Colson, 4/11/2006

More articles on the topic at the Colson Center -- just type “illegal immigration” on the library search bar.


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