Coaching the Right Way

Novelists have a way of focusing ones attention on a particular aspect of life which shows, concretely, how deformed we are. A number of years ago, I read Tom Wolfe’s novel I Am Charlotte Simmons and was saddened by the level of raunchiness to which college (and professional sports in general) have sunk. Not being particularly interested in watching games on TV, I’ve avoided being totally soured by bad sportsmanship.

But one basketball coach was different.

Though you might recognize some of his star players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, you might never have heard of John Wooden, a humble UCLA coach, who shaped a winning team. This man was a true gentleman, never yelling, cussing, nor belittling his players. Mike Metzger says Wooden embodied shalom. He had great faith in God, honored his wife, and encouraged his players, bringing peace to those around him.

John Wooden passed away last Friday. R.I.P.


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