Break the Cycle

Today is Prison Fellowship’s Break the Cycle day! Approximately 1.7 million children have a parent in jail or prison. Assisting these children is an important step in ensuring that the cycle of crime does not continue from parent to child. Not only is it important to minister to those behind bars, but also to the families they leave behind.

Ministering to prisoners' children who may not have support from other family, their community, or a church allows them to see another way of life and allows us to share Christ’s love with these children who lack example, guidance, and support. Your donations can help Prison Fellowship reach out to these children and reduce the chances of prisoners’ children dropping out of school, abusing drugs and alcohol, and entering the criminal justice cycle themselves.

I was 19 years old when my father was sentenced to a federal prison camp, but my sister was only 10. Many children are left behind at much younger ages, and sometimes for their entire adolescence.

Help prisoners’ children see the love of Christ and the hope found in reconciliation. Help us bring the gospel to the prisoners and their children, and may the cycle of crime be ended. Visit to make a tax-deductible contribution today. We are thankful for your support!


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