Chuck Colson's Freedom of Worship video got over 70,000 views in one day
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Chuck Colson's video on Freedom of Worship vs. Freedom of ReligionPhenomenal response!
Chuck Colson's recent Two-Minute Warning video on "Freedom of Worship" got over 70,000 views on Youtube and on in just over 24 hours. .  It is also going viral on Twitter, as many people are sharing the link with their friends.

With the nation heading into its celebration of Independence and freedom on July 4th, this is particularly significant. Is there another fight for freedom brewing?

With the lead: Chuck Colson is sounding the alarm: The government—at the highest levels—may be attempting to redefine the very meaning of religious freedom. If what Secretary of State Hilary  Clinton said in a recent speech reflects a new direction in government policy, it seems the aim is clear: To kick faith out of the public square, to send Christians into the closet, the video is a strong challenge and alert to those of us concerned about the diminishing right to practice our religion publicly in the United States.

Next week, probably Wednesday, Chuck is challenging the huge Breakpoint radio audience to come and blog on this at Speak Out with Chuck, as he did 3 weeks ago on another subject (over 350 comments came in). You can also weigh in today either here, at the comments on the video on, or elsewhere across digital space where this discussion is brewing. He is also going on Focus on the Family with the same message. Lots more to come.  Alan Eason, Internet Director, Breakpoint.


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Video up on National Catholic Register
Matthew Warner in National Catholic Register posts Chuck's Freedom of Worship video.
**Sorry I left commenting turned off on this. I fully intended to keep this post open so you can also discuss.

UPDATE- As of mid-day Tuesday, This video has received over 133,000 views! (It has still been up less than 1 week).
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