Messing with the Procreation Equation

Today’s BreakPoint commentary focuses on the issue of sperm donation. Unfortunately, the practice of donating sperm and ova is becoming pervasive and even normative. Smiled upon instead of reflected upon, sperm and egg donation is viewed by many as primarily an altruistic medical procedure.

In an article titled “The Ethics of Children Made to Order,” Diane Allen is quoted saying sperm and ova donation “cannot be construed as any form of infertility treatment, but, rather, the deliberate manufacture of babies to meet consumer demand.”

As mournful a condition as infertility is, we must remember the children who are being created through reproductive technologies -- they are not without consequence. Is bringing donor sperm and egg into the procreation equation good for the intended child, or primarily good for fulfilling one’s desire to have children?


Maybe not. Nonetheless, individuals facing the decision have the responsibility to make a moral choice.
This raises an interesting question...
Can the government be held accountable for protecting the rights of people who don't exist yet?

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