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The Point Blog will be changing in coming weeks. Our desire is to make it more hard-hitting and dynamic and to serve a larger community. Basically, we want to broaden and improve the conversation. But we need your help to make this work!

Please take our user survey and tell us a little about yourself, your likes, dislikes and needs.  We want to know you, our loyal audience, much better. We read the metrics and see how many great followers we have, but we do not hear from the overwhelming majority of you in the comments. The better we know you, the better we can change to help this online community grow.

Please take a moment and fill out the survey here:

We are also seeking participants for a telephone-focus-group. If you could to be part, please indicate on the form.

Thank You!

Alan Eason,
Internet Director
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We need more survey-takers
All- we have received about 30 surveys so far. Thank you for the time you spent to give us some great answers! We need about 50 more surveys very soon to help us make some decisions. Please take the survey if you have not - and encourage others to do so.

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