Ghadafi in Rome: Islam 101

A few hundred Italian women who were paid "an undisclosed sum" attended a presentation on Islam by Libyan leader Moammar Ghadafi, who was visiting Rome. Ghadafi dismissed Christianity as "unimportant," and passed out copies of the Quran.

Imagine what would happen if a Western leader visited Tripoli and gave a gospel presentation.

Of course, that's absurd, because a) no Islamic country would allow it and b) I doubt there are many Western political leaders who could actually present the gospel. But I can picture in my mind the headlines in the Italian, German, French, British, and yes, American newspapers decrying the Western leader's "cultural insensitivity."  Sheesh.


Ah, LeeQuod, my only blog fan. I like being behind the scenes. But this story really frosted my cookies.

At least someone else out there was "irked"
I think the whole point of burqas is that they be "boring viewing", Lee.
DtS? Welcome back!!! You blog so rarely that each one is a special treat.

And though your points are spot on - I could more easily see Prince Charles lecturing on Islam than on Anglicanism - I don't think you've completely plumbed the depths of the irony here; it appears that Ghadafi was able to afford to purchase his audience from the $5Bn that Italy is paying Libya for occupying it. Will Spain and Greece be getting their own checks as reparation for Islamic occupation? (And if so, where would this litany of payments end? Portugal's a tiny country, after all, and Brazil's enormous...)

Plus, any time I've gone to a lecture it's customary for the audience to *pay*, not to *be paid*. But if you hire models, I suppose you can lecture and be assured of seeing a pretty face anywhere you look. Any word on whether or not Mrs. Ghadafi was in attendance?

The women were "recruited by a modeling agency", and some converted on the spot? Why would anyone want to see a parade of burqas on a catwalk? I mean, after the third one it's pretty boring viewing...

Finally, imagine a Western leader not only presenting the Gospel in Saudi Arabia (which has locations roughly as significant as Rome has for Christians), but dismissing Islam as unimportant. One can easily foresee not just negative news coverage, but attacks due to the insult.
Ghadafi is like a stereotyped petty school bully that is arrogant with those afraid of him and cringes when someone hits back. He needs to be laughed at more.

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