Careful, your agenda is showing
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British environmental group 10:10 caused an Internet firestorm late last week with a short video, ironically named "No Pressure," showing graphic depictions of schoolchildren being blown up for not being committed enough to the environment. The video, claims the group, was supposed to be funny. Instead, so many people were angered and grossed out that they pulled it, with an apology.

As blogger Anthony Watts wrote at Watts Up with That?: "What were they thinking? They weren’t, because this is going to have the exact opposite effect they intended it to have." Instead of coming across as satirical, the video made a lot of people wonder whether the group was letting its real feelings show. (Watts and his commenters have more here.)

The video is reportedly still available at various spots on the Web, as many viewers have reposted it in order to keep 10:10 from getting off the hook. I have not watched it myself. If you choose to look for it and watch it, do so at your own discretion.


And how long
until this sort of zeitgeist begins to command compliance in the business world? The workplace segment was particularly provoking to me. I work as an engineer at an OEM for energy equipment and the product line spans from conventional to green technologies.

Lately there has been a lot of info in the company and info sessions seeking to enlist the staff in talking up some of the more green technologies. No pressure, but we would like you to promote this to your friends and neighbors. As a free marketer and student of Austrian economics, Ludwig von Mises, FA Hayek et el, I find the promotion of the technologies with dubious economic prospects on the government dime to be fundamentally in error.

So I wonder, how far off is it really when the non-greens in companies will find themselves subject to being professionally rebuttoned? It happened with the gay agenda at AT&T and IBM years ago. Is green the new gay?
People today think of everything as war. Except, strangely enough, war.
It was incredibly offensive
and I'm probably not as "pro-life" as many at PFM/Breakpoint.

Basically, if you were thinking of how to do a satirical spoof on the 10:10 movement, and take it to an extreme about how they were dishonest, corrupt tyrants...this is the movie you would have made.

I'd say there is no way around it that this movie, and the subsequent disingenuous apology, shows their real feelings. They view this as a war, and they're willing to see casualties for the opposition.

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