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Muslim "culture" - ?
Come on, the real problem with Muslims is Islam, and has nothing to do with all this squabbling over "culture".

Islam is a peaceful/violent dual ideology that allows Muslims to buy into whichever portion of their Quran is currently expedient. Which one is applicable today? Well Muhammad prophesied, wrote, and lived two entirely different and opposed ways of life and thought.

These days the Muslim nations are not yet quite militarily dominant. Wherever they rule politically, they fail their own people. That is why they immigrate by the millions to western nations where they hope to prosper. Unfortunately, they insist that native populations adapt to their dance after having established "peaceful" communities. The militants eventually bring their brand of Islam into the communities and make them understand that through their own law of abrogation, that Muhammad's latter years of prophesying, Quranic writings, and lifestyle hold precedence over the former. Slam dunk.

Establish a peaceful settlement under the old school beliefs and then do the switch dance as Muslims have done throughout their history - miltancy which justifies absolutely any heinous act imaginable to promote Islam, slaughter infidels, and corrupt the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Christ never himself failed to call liars and hypocrites exactly what they were. He did not call us all to play ring-around-the-rosy with any old evil. He didn't say we could label evil as something unoffensive by calling it a "culture" and get away with promoting or allowing whatever that "culture" offensively demands.

Islam in its entirety is a dual ideology integrated with a violent political system. The writings of its own dual but directly opposing Quran fights itself which is why when Muslims don't have any handy Christians or Jews to attack, they turn on themselves.

Many immigrating Muslims want only a peaceful coexistence but won't make the effort to become part of their community. This makes them ripe for the radical element which comes in and speaks to the heart of their frustrations and failures when their new communities/nations don't hand them carte blanche prosperity and rights for doing nothing besides moving their residence from their own failed countries to one that works. They don't want to integrate and insist on keeping their own failed way of life. They get mad and are, again, ripe for the militants.

"Culture" has nothing to do with the Islamic problem as their are Christians who live with the same cultural attributes but do so peacefully, though persecuted by their same culture Muslims.
As far as muslims go, isn't the real worry not that they consider themselves equal but that they consider themselves superior? Whether that is true or not is beside the point. Isn't that what people worry about?
Here's what I mean by culture coming from customs and mores, in an example from a story I wrote.

There was a child who was kidnapped by pirates before he was old enough to be acclimated to society. The pirates took him away to be sold for slaves. Before they could do this a naval vessel captured the pirates. Now unfortunately no one aboard the naval vessel knew where the child came from, so they took the child home and had him adopted. The child was raised as one of their own, and one of his descendants was the heroine.

All well and good. But which culture did the child belong to? The culture he was kidnapped from? Except no one knows which it is. The pirates culture? Except the pirates never thought of the child as a member. The culture of the would-be customers? Except he never arrived, fortunately. In fact the child obviously became a member of the culture of the country to which the naval vessel belonged, subscribed(more-or-less) to it's customs and mores and grew up there, presumably as happy as any other. But if the child had not been kidnapped he would have subscribed(again more-or-less) to the customs and mores of the culture that he was kidnapped from. But in each case he would be the same individual.
And yes, nationalism that is too rigid often becomes arrogant; just as often it becomes envious. However if it was in itself the reason for war, we would have to assume a notably lower frequency and/or intensity of warfare in ages when nationalism is at a low ebb.
Kondrat, cultures are made up of customs and mores. People are members of a culture by being members of a system of customs and mores.
In today's breakpoint you talk about Germany andhow they say multiculturalism has failed. I also saw that information in my local newspaper. You saw it is based on the false pretense that all cultures are equal. At the end of the artile you quote the American creed that all men are created equal. If cultures are made up of people, it seems to me that all cultures are equal. Assimilating everyone into a melting pot is not necessarily the answer. Current thinking in the workp[lace sys that diversity is importnat for increased creativity. Our challenge is to learn how to work with differences while having some unifying values and goals. Nationalism that is too rigid becomes arrogant, does not necessarily help the common good, and in fact why I think we have too much war.
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