Discerning God's will

Two very different articles provide a sobering reminder of just how careful we need to be when we try to figure out what God wants for us and for our world.

The first, from the New York Times, examines the diary of a Civil War-era slaveowner, who wrote,
I had prayed that God would thwart [Lincoln's] election in some way & I prayed for my Country — Lord we know not what is to be the result of this — but I do pray if there is to be a crisis — that we all lay down our lives sooner than free our slaves in our midst — no soul on this earth is more willing for justice than I am, but the idea of being mixed up with free blacks is horrid!! I must trust in God that he will not forget us an unworthy as we are — Lord save us — I would give my life to save my country.
The second is by a Unitarian Universalist minister who's a passionate advocate for abortion. Tragically, his response to the fact that his first girlfriend, his wife, and three of his four daughters have had abortions, was that "it would have been impossible for me not to be involved in advocating for reproductive justice."

God help us when we decide that His agenda must be bent to fit our own priorities.


A Small Distortion in the Glass…
…transforms beauty into monstrosity.

Antichrist is never more seductive than when masquerading as Christ. But neither is he more vile.

There is nothing more transcendently monstrous than a “faith” that countenances murder and its cousin, cruelty. (Good thing there is forgiveness in cases where “[we] know not what [we] do”).

A couple years back Chuck Colson said, “…the Creator of all life made us in His image and values us beyond all comprehension.” ( http://www.breakpoint.org/bpcommentaries/breakpoint-commentaries-archive/entry/13/10553 )

“Values us beyond all comprehension.”

Chuck gets it. And his untiring advocacy for life and justice and mercy and freedom and dignity bear witness to the aphorism, “we become like the gods we worship.”

God’s will regarding the treatment of others is discernible – indeed, is impossible to miss – by beholding in the cross the lengths He has proven Himself willing to go for our well-being.

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