Righteous Might

Sixty-nine years ago, this is what was happening today.

Roosevelt's description of our nation as one of "righteous might" caught my attention. It's hard to imagine a president today stating, unequivocally, that our country, and military forces, are "righteous."

A decade or more of political correctness has made us almost too embarrassed to make such a claim today, although I believe we try harder than any nation in history to do the right thing on the world stage, and our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines do more than any military force that ever existed to protect civilian lives (even at the risk of their own lives), although this is not reported as often as accounts of civilians who were, tragically, caught in the line of fire. This deep commitment to protecting innocent lives (even not-so-innocent lives) comes directly out of Judeo-Christian teachings.

My father was a 15-year-old high school student on December 7, 1941. His parents probably were relieved that he was too young to serve, little imagining that, almost three years later, their only son would be drafted on his 18th birthday, and serve through the end of the war.


It sounds better when one enemy has at least six aircraft carriers and the biggest battleship in the world, and the other enemy has several dozen divisions.

It was a cinematic speech for a cinematic moment. Chastising savages just isn't very cinematic.

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