Help me out here

Is Jimmy Carter arguing, essentially, that to be black or female is equivalent to being homosexual? Or am I reading this all wrong?


Sounded to me like
he said Obama was gay.

Maybe he reads HillBuzz.
Help me out here.
Sounds that way to me too.
"Oprah for Prez"?
One powerful candidate to check all the liberal boxes with a single election.

Except oops, she denies the "gay" part. Drat. :-)
Mr. Carter managed to sound negative about having Americans electing our first black president. Wow, that takes some doing.
Sounds that way to me too. Maybe Obama could come out and solve check that box right now. I am flummoxed by this insistence on letting everyone ( aggrieved class wise ) have their turn. Has our meritocracy slidden that far down the slope?

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