Sex Trumps Religion in UK

Conservative Twitter alive with alarm at what happened in the UK

This has been all over conservative twitter feeds today:

A post in The American Thinker: Sex Trumps Religion in UK
What are people saying? A Tweeter, @littlebytesnews: "That's what happens when people lose their culture AND religion."

Seems like this person gets it. It does matter - culture and religion are inextricably linked. As Chuck Colson always says, "The 'cult' produces the culture."

The article goes on to quote from the Telegraph in London and states:

"Per a piece in the UK Telegraph, the British High Court has ruled that freedom of sexual orientation "should take precedence" over freedom of religion...."

It tells the story of a British couple, Christians, who kept foster children but "are to be denied the opportunity to do so any longer because they are unwilling to promote a homosexual lifestyle to a child."

It goes on to state: "Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Johns has anything against gay people but they are not in favour of sex before marriage, whatever an individual's orientation"

The final sentence of the article (In The American Thinker,not the Telegraph): "The real crime is not the insanity of a few leftist ideologues. It is the complicity of the sane vast majority."

Is the American church complicit? -- Read the article - it is well written.
3/02/11 - New addition to post:

There is a firestorm of blogging going on in the UK about this ruling - look at this comment from another blog on The Telegraph's website: Title: Christianity isn’t dying, it’s being eradicated - Some quotes:
"'We’ve outgrown Christianity', the judges professed....Its efforts to push the majority faith underground are evident everywhere, from our bus stops to our workplaces...And now devout Christians are to be prevented from becoming foster parents."

HERE is the link:


Good post and balanced. I appreciate that. I was appropriating the term "complicity" from the American Thinker article. I quote: "The real crime is... the complicity of the sane vast majority." The American church likes to think of itself as sane, if not 'vast'. But perhaps part of that 'sanity' is an unwillingness to stand as fools for Christ? Remember the passage where Paul chides the Corinthian church for thinking itself so wise and illuminated when Paul was, by his own admission, acting like a fool? He then tells them that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God and the wisdom of God foolishness with this world. Perhaps teaching biblical standards of sexuality INCLUDING abstinence from sexual relationships OF ANY KIND outside of marriage (and the necessary modesty and discernment in lifestyle needed to do so) is total foolishness to this world. It is! But in my opinion it is the very kind of foolishness that needs to be preached loudly from every pulpit that holds a Bible.

This case in the UK just demonstrates how far secular society - now represented by Law and the courts - has gone over to the foolish side. Does the church dare call them out?

John the Baptist lost his head over that very type of preaching - but Jesus consoled him and reminded him that such was cup His followers must be ready to drink. The world is watching (and I believe waiting) for His people to speak up about such incredibly important things. If we do not, I believe we are complicit.

People like Eunice and Owen Johns are my new Christian heroes.
Alan, what do you mean by the American church possibly being complicit? I've been going to a very solid, biblically centered church for at least five or six years, and I have never heard the word homosexuality from the pulpit, let alone a sermon that addresses the issue of homosexuality or so called same-sex marriage. Maybe that's what you mean?

The senior pastor makes it a point to remain apolitical, and maybe that's why it's never been addressed. In my opinion it certainly should be. Pastors should address political issues in a non-partisan way. Why not? I have a large book called, "Political Sermons of the American Founding Era." Thank God those clergy were not afraid to address the political issues of their day.

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