NYC law to Crisis Pregnancy Centers: tell your patrons to go to Planned Parenthood

(Manhattan Declaration) - A new law in New York City requires pro-life pregnancy care centers to post a sign telling people if they have a medical professional on staff and that they would be better served going to another facility, like a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

The rationale for the law was that pregnant women are better served by medical professionals than those who believe in the sanctity of life and would not recommend abortion. Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood supported this bill.

As reported by “The law requires non-medical, pro-life ‘pregnancy services centers’ to inform women with notices posted in both English and Spanish whether they have a licensed medical provider on staff. The signs would also state that the city’s Health Department encourages women to seek help from a licensed medical provider if the center does not have one on staff. It also requires the pro-life centers to post on signs and ads whether they provide referrals for abortion, “emergency contraception,” and prenatal care. The notices are required both for the pregnancy centers’ facilities and on their advertizing – in a size and font to be determined by city authorities.”  READ MORE at


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