Open thread: President Obama on Libya

I thought it would be a good idea to post today about the president's speech on Libya last night. There's just one little problem: I haven't heard it. It started earlier than I expected, and by the time I realized it was on, it was half over. And I haven't had a chance yet to look it up.

So I'm throwing the subject open to our readers. Did you hear the speech and, if so, what did you think? Do you understand President Obama's reasons for going into Libya, and do you agree with them?


No I don't agree. We have no way of being sure that the rebels are any better then Qadhafi. In the mean time we are teaching third worlders that A) Our wrath is erratic(for it is being dispensed at someone who hasn't done much of anything for a long time at a time when nothing obvious has happened to us) and that our wrath is potentially survivable(for missiles and no fly zones don't destroy dictators on their own. Both of those are dangerous lessons.

Furthermore, we don't have the morale capable of sustaining more wars and should be wary now.

And finally there is simply something rather curious about the idea that it is more virtuous to join in other people's quarrels then to fight for ourselves. And if we are going to do that sort of thing, it is not clear that changing tyrants does any good. The only real way to force good government on others is to do it in the manner of Queen Vicky which manner is unfashionable and unworkable.

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