The Sting of Doing the Right Thing

(The Point) Today is “tax day” and the deadline to file our taxes. The IRS has estimated that in 2011 the tax gap--the amount of taxes owed minus the amount collected--will be around $400 billion. The IRS claims that at least 17 percent of all taxpayers are not complying with tax laws.

The U.S. tax system is complicated. Paying the IRS back doesn’t leave a good feeling in one’s pocket. Many are tempted to evade paying taxes, but the good feeling from doing the right thing and paying our taxes may be the best relief from the financial pain. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s….”

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The "Sting"
"The Sting of Doing the Right Thing" is the most apt title you could have given this article. Doing the Right Thing is often hard, hard enough to produce real pain; hard enough to change your life! That's why most people run from it, ignore it, turn their backs on it. At best, it's difficult, dissonent, uncomfortable. But, just because it's hard doesn't make it any less The Right Thing to Do!

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