The Daily Chuck: And We're the Ayatollahs?

The homosexual movement is making extraordinary headway. But it is doing so in a very unhealthy way. It is stifling debate. It is saying "Iif you take a position contrary to our position, we’re going to boycott you." They actually went to the clients of King and Spalding and said if you continue to represent the House of Representatives in defending the Defense of Marriage Act, passed by an overwhelming majority in Congress, we're going to take our business away from your law firm and the companies you represent." And the law firm caves!

And we conservative Christians are accused of being religious ayatollahs, imposing our will on others? We’re not imposing our wills on anybody. We want open debate. The homosexual lobby is absolutely making open debate impossible. Look at what Apple did with the Manhattan Declaration app and with Exodus International. Look what happened to Chick-fil-A.

I'll talk more about this on "BreakPoint" on Thursday.


You have to wonder what they are afraid of. Maybe the truth?
If they were so sure of their position they would welcome open debate not squealch it.

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