The Daily Chuck: Pampered and Spoiled

Draw back and take a look at what is happening around us. We are seeing a kind of despair that I haven’t seen in my lifetime. Even in the depths of the Depression, people hadn’t given up hope. In World War II, I can remember when the Japanese were gaining, right after Pearl Harbor, and the Allies suffered a number of reverses in Europe. And then it was really a big question whether we were strong enough to stop the Nazis and the Japanese. But I don’t ever remember people despairing, or giving up, or wringing their hands or saying the country is on the wrong track. There was a vital kind of patriotism, both during the Depression, when we worked our way out of it and gave ourselves hope by our own determination and perseverance, and in WWII, when we waved the flag, Rosie the Riveter got to work, and we all supported the boys on the front line.

But today, we’ve been pampered and spoiled. It seems we want everything for ourselves . . . we talk about entitlements. The whole political process has been bought out by special interests. It’s horrible, and it’s on both sides of the aisle, which is why we’ve got such a disaster in the tax system.

This tells me that we have to look at the big picture and see that politics is an expression of culture. Culture is what determines how people live and what they believe in and how they live their lives.  But culture is created by the "cult," the belief system of the people. And if relativism is the belief system of the people, there is no cohesive culture. But if it's the Judeo-Christian tradition, which built the most humane civilization in human history, then there’s hope. It’s about that simple.


I pray for a revival in this country to return to the Lord and our Judeo-Christian heritage. If that doesn't happen, I still have hope, confidence, in our God and Creator to hold all believers and keep us as His own while continuing to offer His salvation to those who don't yet believe.

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