The Daily Chuck: Why Prison Ministry and Worldview?

I get a lot of questions from people asking me about the connection between Prison Fellowship and BreakPoint. What does a prison ministry have to do with a Christian worldview ministry?

I remember one time years ago, I received a letter from a faithful PF supporter who wrote, "You have such a wonderful prison ministry. But I dion't know if I can keep supportying you--because you keep confusing things by talking about biblical inerrancy!"

I wrote him back: "Well, it's because I believe the Bible is true that I go into prisons in the first place. You love our work, but don't want us to talk about why we do it."

As it turns out, his next gift to PF was larger than ever before.

And it was my experience in prisons that led me to begin teaching worldview. Early on, I kept wondering why prisons were filling up so fast. I began to study the causes of crime. I learned from an extensive study done by Samenow and Yochelson that crime was caused not by poverty and environment as most politicians and social scientists believed; it was caused by people making wrong moral choices. And laters studies at Harvard showed that crime was caused by the lack of moral training in the morally formative yeas.

I got it. It was the brokenness of the family, the decline of moral values. All this led me to begin to teach worldview, to start "BreakPoint" radio, to write How Now Shall We Live?, etc.

I felt not only did I need to be reaching out in love to prisoners, I needed to speak the truth to the culture.

That's how Prison Fellowship and BreakPoint came to be together.


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