The Daily Chuck: Autism, Max, and Me

My daughter, Emily, and I appeared last week on the EWTN television show "The World Over" with Raymond Arroyo. We talked about Emily's autistic son (my grandson) Max and about her book Dancing with Max

Arroyo asked me how Max has changed my view of people with disabilities.

I told him that I took people with a disability for granted and that I now realize that this they are the sentinels on the front lines of the defense of life in our culture, because people look at people like Max and say, "They’re of no use to society." But God will take things which we think are foolish and base, and He uses them to shame the wise and the mighty. He’s done that with Max.

Max has changed me completely. Everybody has always had to play to my interests, because I’ve always been the guy on top, rushing to success. But Max has humbled me. I have to get down on the ground and reach him at his level. I have to get inside of him. It’s been wonderful.

But I’ve also seen, in the way Emily has sacrificially given her life, exactly what Jesus talks about when He says that if you really love one another you will give yourself for others. This is agape love; it is self-denying and self-giving in its totality. And Max has the same thing; he will love you unconditionally.


Loving the disabled
what they plan to do with disabled people is frightening - but I trust the Lord to keep the two I love and take care of.

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