The Daily Chuck: Brooks Strikes Again

David Brooks has done some great columns over the last couple of weeks. Be sure to look at the one from May 31. It’s incredible. He has figured not only exactly what’s wrong in education, but what is wrong with our whole cultural attitudes. It’s one of the most brilliant columns he has written. It’s a little pragmatic, but he gets the idea of the unity of body and soul and how individual behavior is shaped. It’s really a great piece.



Congratulations to you, Glenn!

Hmmm - I'm not sure if I should say "Congratulations!" to your daughter, also, or "My sympathies!"... ;-)
This is the short version of the commencement address he gave at Brandeis this year. (My daughter graduated, so I was in the crowd for it.) The link to the video is, and there's a link on that page for the transcript. There's a lot of good material there (and good humor) that didn't make it into the Times article.

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