Do Handsome Men Cheat More?

I just read Vicki Larson's piece about soon-to-be former Congressman Anthony Weiner in the Huffington Post, "Hot or Not? Why Women Shouldn't Pick Attractive Husbands." According to the research, Larson writes, good-looking guys make lousy husbands because "guys who are rated as the most masculine . . . tend to have more testosterone, and men with higher testosterone levels are 43 percent more likely to get divorced than men with normal levels ... and 38 percent more likely to cheat. In other words, they may be better cads than dads."

In other words, men don't have any choice but to cheat: Their testosterone makes them do it.

What nonsense. Thirty-three years ago this month, I married a man who is incredibly handsome, smart, accomplished, fit, highly educated, and extremely masculine. (He's also very funny.) One big reason I married him: his character. I knew his commitment to Christ meant a commitment to being a faithful husband and loving father. No way would he ever say, "Sorry, Honey, my testosterone made me do it," partly because he knows that's a crap excuse (because cheating is a choice), and partly because I've got my grandmother's antique (and very heavy) rolling pin and I know how to use it (and I don't mean for rolling out pie crust).

When the good Lord told men to be faithful to their wives, he didn't make exceptions for men with higher-than-average testosterone levels. And, as King David painfully learned, God doesn't like it when we disobey his commands.

As Katherine Hepburn reminded Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen: "Nature, Mr. Alnutt, is what we are put in this world to rise above."

Anthony Weiner chose not to. Millions of other husbands, with more character than Weiner has, do. Including mine.


Again, with the cognitive dissonace
What exactly IS the secular, liberal position? Are we determined by our gender, hormones, genes, etc.? (as in the allegedly unalterable cases of homosexuality, transgenderism, infidelity etc.) or are we at liberty to choose, in spite of our biology, what we will become (male, female, something in between, etc.)?

I am beginning to realize what the REAL liberal position is: in ethical situations, we have no choice. In biological situations, we do have a choice.

How backwards and perverse.
In any case the question was "do handsome men cheat more" and I will say that I am unbearably handsome and never cheated in my life.
You have a strange taste in compliments, Lee. Besides all you have to do is assume that they were both barely of age.
That, Jason old chap, is my utterly shameless attempt to flatter Anne. The idea is that her appearance would indicate she cannot be that many years older than 33 - and therefore, must have married when she was a very young child. This is utterly shameless flattery because I've only ever seen Anne in one photograph, at a reading by the very much missed Catherine, and that was a shot where the focus was on the reader herself and therefore Anne's visage was peripheral and not in sharp focus. I am hoping that telling her she looks younger than she does will be effective, even though I can hardly be said to have ever seen her, because I am still trying to atone for a comment of mine years ago that Anne mistook for a criticism but was actually an attempt at agreement with her and sarcasm toward someone with whom she disagreed. It's also a recognition that people who work at PFM have a very difficult job due to the fact that they write about incarceration and the worldview topics that make incarceration necessary, and therefore any positives sent their way may be a welcome emotional corrective to a daily onslaught of negative news. I believe strongly in encouraging the Body-at-large, one at a time.

Besides, as I said elsewhere, man looks on the outward appearance while God looks at the heart. I therefore have ample evidence from her writings that irrespective of her exterior Anne is quite youthful and beautiful. It's not flattery if it's true.
I'm not following, Lee. What about the child bride?
But - 33 years? How can someone be a man of character when he marries a child bride? ;-)
The relevant question, Jason, appears to be whether or not it is easier for an unmarried woman to accurately assess a man's character (as, obviously, Anne did), or to request a blood sample for hormone analysis. (Awkward to have him roll up his sleeve and then phlebotomize him, on that first date.)

Modern rolling pins, being made of marble, would seem to carry a bit of extra wallop.

And "The African Queen" is delightful because Charlie Allnut actually *does* rise above his nature, and his desire for Rose Sayer is the catalyst of his transformation.

Oh, and happy anniversary, Anne!!!
Isn't it rather a mundane discovery that some temptations are more intense for some people then others?
Sorry -- it's there now.
Could you give a link?

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