Two from CT

Chuck Colson and Timothy George have an excellent article in Christianity Today that cites Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as the quintessential example of Christian civility. Also at CT's website, I review Hillary McFarland's Quivering Daughters.


I was unable to find your review, Gina, but I did read all the others. I had no idea such a horrible misrepresentation of Biblical teaching was going on, much less that it was so widespread as to deserve a book! What a fanatical disaster!

As for MLK, Jr., being an example of "Christian civility", I think we need to remember that was a different time. We fall into the trap so often of judging others by our current standards. I know one young woman who instists that Jonathan and David were homosexuals because they held hands and kissed each other! (FYI, she believes the same thing of Jesus and His disciples!) I cannot convince her that such behavior was (and still is) a non-sexual norm for Middle East cultures. Nevertheless, in those days the U.S. was a more civilized society, and part of MLK, Jr's charisma had to do with his obvious education and civility.

Some years ago, I had an in-your-face lesson: a young priest served at my parish. Whatever was the problem, the pastor gave him a verbal lashing in front of the congregation, and banished him from the parish. Some time later, the priest returned for some special occasion. Both he and the pastor exchanged pleasantries, and nothing more was said. I asked the priest, later, why he hadn't reamed the pastor out. He said, "We already know where we stand with each other. In Christian charity, civility is the LEAST I owe him."

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