Happy birthday, America!

Check out NRO's Fourth of July slideshow, and look for a sentence from yours truly. (I had included a reference to my dad's military service, but it had to be cut for space reasons. So I'll mention it here instead!) Many thanks to NRO for including me. Hope you all have a great Fourth.


I'm so glad he's okay, Ellen. Thank God.
More lively than expected!
We had an unexpected Independence Day event. The abdominal discomfort my husband had been experiencing intensified until I took him to the ER. He had emergency surgery in the wee hours to have his appendix removed. I thank God that the US is a nation that values striving toward excellence. My dear, dear husband is receiving excellent medical care.
Rolley's use of adumbrates
Livens up the debates
About the founding of the states
At this time of all dates
Hooray! More continuing education.
Adumbrates... another vocabulary word learned! Thanks, Rolley!

Thanks for the link, Gina. I scrolled through and read the thoughts aloud with my almost 9 year old daughter. I want to better understand out heritage that I might be able to pass it on to our children. Any good elementary school aged children's books on the foundation of America from a Christian worldview?
The Day the City of Man Adumbrates the City of God
….with united testimony that the blood of her fallen heroes is the measure of the worth and dignity of every created human being.


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