Faith under Fire

Amidst the cares and concerns for family, friends, and community life, it's healthy to get an outside view that helps me put my life into perspective.

Today's inspiration is a pastor by the name of Andrew White, author of Faith under Fire. His church is a world away from my world, so to speak. His cares and concerns are nothing like mine. In the new July 2011 print issue of Christianity Today, in an interview with Joe Carter, White discusses his tumultuous life. Not only does White struggle with multiple sclerosis, but his parishioners keep getting murdered, tortured, and kidnapped.

Despite the seemingly hopeless circumstances, White continues in his ministry to the people of Baghdad, knowing that our Almighty God is more powerful than evil forces that surround him. Andrew White has a radical faith!


There used to be a billboard just up the road from my house that said, ".... according to that well-dressed black man over there". It had the word "black" crossed out, and the message was about race being an outmoded way to identify people.

I think of that billboard every time I hear a story like White's, or of anyone else who is labeled as "radical" in faith. I don't think they are RADICAL at all! Try reading the New Testament without the preconceived interpretations you've been given by pastors, parents or teachers. Jesus was so radical that it makes one question either His humanity or His divinity! This kind of faith is what He expects of His followers! We are not supposed to be like people in the world--centering our lives on our careers or our social standing. We are supposed to be radicals, showing people a better way!

It makes me sad that so few see it, and even fewer put it into practice.

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