A Breath of Fresh Air
Rating: 5.00

Philadelphia has seen some incidents similar to those in London, where “flash mobs” of teenagers are beating and robbing innocent bystanders.

In a speech at Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter,as Rich Lowry puts it, “zeroed in on the true root causes -- irresponsible parents and their ignorant, slovenly, and undisciplined kids.” He didn’t mince words and placed the blame where it belonged: "We have too many men, making too many babies that they don’t want to take care of, and then we end up dealing with your children."

What a breath of fresh air, hearing a politician saying it as it is.


Dennis, A breath of fresh air for sure! I think more people are crying out for this kind of truth...hopefully those same people will have courage to speak out and to get Chuck's "Do the Right Thing" and insist everyone, including their pastors see it!

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