The Dominionists Are Coming!
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Is there a Christian plot for domination?

In the last two weeks, elaborate conspiratorial stories claiming a diabolical plot for Christian domination have hit the press. You’d think this would only be coming from far-leftist crazy news sources, but sources as mainstream as CNN, the New Yorker, and CBS News have carried stories alleging the supposed Dominionist influences on the major conservative candidates. Dominionist theology actually refers to the idea that Christians should take over every aspect of law and government, and reinstitute Old Testament penalties for violating Biblical morality. But do you know any Christian who actually believes this? Neither do I.

So, Dominionism is now the label stamped on anyone who seeks to bring their Christian faith into politics at any level, unless of course it is serving politically liberal ends. And that makes any Biblical worldview advocate, including Francis Schaeffer and Marvin Olasky, a Dominionist. Don’t buy it, folks. It’s alarmist, shoddy journalism that dismisses serious Christian thought and its place in the public square.

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Dominionists are coming
It appears that the mainstream are counting on the laziness and apathy of most Americans in swallowing this mindless drivel without question. If I were the average viewer, I would consider that a stiff insult.
"Am now afraid of using any kind of sports or quasi military metaphors to ask my questions...lest the growing number of persons who have NO CLUE about what Christianity is...think I'm part of some paramilitary terrorist organization."

Ask them which politician they support in the next CAMPAIGN.
The key is the use of Bachmann's name. This is all politically motivated. Make you political opposition out to be evil people focused on world domination. Standard fare.
Check out: for the real truth!
Well if there is a party the walls should be soundproofed. However the books, the coffee, and the improved chatroom sounds great.
Well, Jason, For Starters…
…it’s got a huge library full of so many books that none on earth is big enough to hold them all (John 21:25); and rumor has it that in the kitchen there is a prodigious store of milk and honey laid by to sweeten an endless supply of perpetually-brewing celestial coffee. (I understand that coffee is literally to die for). In the garage there are costly vehicles so fast and powerful they call them “chariots of fire”; and there’s always a jubilant party going on out in the spacious courtyard -- which some have nicknamed “The New Milky Way”. Best of all, there’s an improved chatroom where instead of mere virtual friendships, all your widely-dispersed buds are gathered together from north and south and east and west for the kind of everlasting, perfect closeness any of us previously, in our wildest imaginings, could only dream of.

Oh, and the mortgage is paid in full.
What is my glorious palace like Rolley?
Consider it Done, Jason
Matthew 5:5 cf. John 14:2

The keys (Matthew 16:19) are under “the doormat” (Romans 16:20).
Plan 4 Christian Domination or Prob. of Definition
The above referenced dynamic represents less a plan for domination than a problem of definition. The collateral damage in such reporting is that readers are moved one step closer to perception defining reality, reinforcing the communications axiom, "It’s not that people don’t know so much, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”
Not only is a leader who has experienced authentic heart transformation able to live a godly life, he or she also endeavors to model counterintuitive servant leadership, rather than domination or control.
For readers interested in reading more on this issue, see my 8/21 post in The Daily Beast, “Christian Dominionism is a Myth,” in response to a national religion writer’s inquiry about general areas of disconnect between press and pew, located at
When we take over the world, be sure to build a glorious palace for me.

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