Clergy Not Wanted

While members of the clergy might be in the crowds who are attending the Ground Zero memorial service on 9/11, they won't be be there in any official capacity. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg declares, "There isn't room. There isn't time. And in some cases, it's just not appropriate."


Since Mayor Bloomberg is part of the Democrat Marxist Society, I guess I'd find it really exceptional if he DID want the clergy in attendance! One has to presume, of course, that the clergy he doesn't want in attendance is CHRISTIAN clergy--I'm sure others would be welcomed with open arms.

On the one hand, I think we must be sensitive to the feelings and prejudices of those who have made up their minds to go to hell....and take as many others with them as possible. Personally, I have a low tolerance for being where I'm not wanted.

On the other hand, as I taught my children, since prayer is mental and takes place in the heart and soul (all of which are NON-public places), there is no force on earth that can stop a person from praying if he so chooses. Prayer is not a bow-your-head-and-fold-your-hands activity unless one is only hoping to be seen. The One who alone reads hearts knows when He is addressed. And, He hears the cry of the heart!

May many hearts cry out to Him on Sunday!

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