The church's silent sexual revolution

RELEVANT has some shocking statistics about rates of sexual activity among single Christians. Because of their format, the article is unfortunately a bit difficult to read, but it's worth the effort.

Over at Christianity Today, I have a new article that may shed a little light on the reasons behind the statistics.


Gina (paraphrasing the Princess Bride's Westley):
"We are men and women of action, lies do not become us".

Onlookers (paraphrasing Count Rugen): "Well spoken, dear Gina"
Per my comment on the CT page.
The real pity, Gina, is that we already *have* a theology of obedience. It's just rarely ever discussed.

In fact, I remember reading a long time ago about a guy who did it all right. He followed every one of the teachings about how to serve God, and he did it not just to the letter, but went above and beyond. He built a huge financial empire, had a measure of celebrity (but stayed humble), and raised a big, happy family. His children liked each other enough to voluntarily hang out with each other all the time, as adults. Imagine - no infighting, no backstabbing; just harmony amidst a lot of wealth, power and notoriety.

Then, one right after the other, his business went bankrupt, a natural disaster destroyed everything he personally owned, and all his children were killed in a freak accident. His wife, in her grief, said "I absolutely despise you." And as one might expect, shortly thereafter his health failed.

After a lot arguing with people who said he was hiding scandalous secrets, and after even shouting at God, he finally realized that you don't obey because it'll get you what you want. You obey because you've been told to obey, by someone who's your superior. And sometimes you can make a change to get a new superior, but if it's God, you can't.

The guy's name, by the way, was Job. So we've known this for a very, very long time. We just don't want to frighten new converts away with the idea that following Christ may not bring worldly happiness. Or, for that matter, frighten longtime Christians who support churches and ministries financially (and think therefore God owes them in return, as if all they give wasn't already His). So we don't discuss it, and the "why do bad things happen to good people" topic leaves a vacuum, which is filled by works-righteousness.

Works-righteousness then filters down into how to be successful in every area of your life. "Do this, and God will bless you. In fact, God will be *forced* to bless you - God has no choice; He's bound by a law that's greater than He is." As if.

"Master, did this man get punished with blindness from birth for a sin his parents committed, or because he sinned while still in utero?"

"Neither - he has suffered physical and emotional pain, and also social ostracism, so I could prove to you that my grace and my mercy are more important to me than punishing someone. I also want you to see how happy he'll be when I cure him; I'm seeing a lot of ingratitude for everyday blessings."

"Master, did this woman get punished with being single because she failed in her obedience, or because you're cruel?"

"Neither - she has cried herself to sleep night after night so I could show you all, not just her, that my grace is amazing, and that when sorrows like sea billows roll it can still be well with your souls. I also wanted you to see what true obedience looks like; I'm not finding a lot of it around here, so maybe an extreme example will help."

I'm asking God to very visibly bless you, dearest G, in every way He has at His disposal. You're very precious to me and to many others here. Thank you for writing your article.
I second Rolley's vote, and also his request for an encore. Bravo!
Obeying isn't always simple even if knowing what to do is. Even if you already knew you weren't going to get everything you wanted.

Still that reminder was well done, biter though it is. Forced marches are less onerous if one remembers that he lives in a barracks and not a palace.
Thanks, Rolley. Theology isn't my strong suit, so I appreciate the vote of confidence! :-)
Gina, You Hit that Nail so Squarely on the Head…
…it makes me proud to know I had a part in you practicing your swing. YOD-on, sister!

Seriously, that was simply superb writing, and your theology is impeccable. Encore!

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