In sickness and in health -- except . . .
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This just enrages me. So Pat Robertson thinks it's okay to divorce a spouse who suffers from Alzheimer's disease? Where does it say THAT in the Bible, Pat? And at what stage is it okay to file divorce papers? At the beginning, when she begins to forget where her car keys are? Later on, when he starts wandering around the neighborhood late at night?

I can't think of anything more cruel, or more selfish, than divorcing a spouse who begins to suffer from dementia because he or she no longer meets the "needs" of the other spouse. By the way, Pat -- is it okay for children to dump demented parents who no longer meet THEIR needs?

For shame, Pat Robertson, for shame!

Christians are supposed to be a loving and faithful witness to the world, not an embarrassment. Robertson's wife of 57 years should consider herself forewarned.


My reaction was more like Jason's than like Gina's. Once I got past the shock, it was unbelievable! My first thought was that PR had begun losing his marbles. My second was to wonder if his wife was losing hers and he was looking for a way to justify his intentions. In either case, it's just incredible.

In the end, I have decided to feel very, very sorry for him.
Good One, LeeQuod
I would have stayed silent, but I wasn’t sure how best *not* to say it.
Welcome back, VikingMother!

In saying "Is it possible that Mr. Pat Robertson is not fully himself?" you're not suggesting Mrs. Robertson consider divorcing him, are you? ;-)
Ellen, sorry, I'm not sure what's going on there. The HTML code looks all right, but you're correct, the post doesn't. I'll get one of our tech guys on it.
Gina, Anne's full post doesn't show up when I click on "Read full article."

I agree that Robertson's statements were completely wrong.
It doesn't enrage me, it leaves me coldly and icyly angry. Even the heathen know about loyalty and oathkeeping. Heck, even Jihadis and Mafioso.

Be that as it may, we could be better employed then reminding ourselves how much we hate Pat Robertson.

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