At last . . .

The book that Rep. Frank Wolf and I devoted two years of our lives to has just popped up Amazon.

I love this line in the product description. "In Prisoner of Conscience, [Wolf] shares intimate stories of his adventures from the halls of political power to OTHER dangerous places around the world . . ."

Communist dictators, meglamaniacal despots, al Quada terrorists, nefarious congressmen. . . . I didn't realize the Capitol was such a rough neighborhood!


DARN! I missed a grammatical error by Milord Lee. *pouty face*
(hmm, I bet pouty faces aren't very ladylike)

"... ladies ... give genteel voice to absolutely justifiable discontent."
quoth Milord Lee.

I was going to make a comparison between the above statement and the Women's Movement. But on further ponderance, perhaps women and ladies differ in their behavior. Sir Taylor, what sayest thou?

My goodness -- lots of red underlines: "Milord", "pouty", "ponderance" and "sayest" all get red underlines. Doesn't BreakPoint's -- hey, another red underline! -- spellchecker recognize archaic and slang English?
(Hmm, trying again with my comment.)

I see I should clarify my thought: ladies certainly do not whine; rather, they give genteel voice to absolutely justifiable discontent. ;-)

And, Milady, I'm preparing my review with all due haste but also all due thoroughness. Our most beloved Anne certainly deserves both.

And I see I used the contraction "it's" instead of the possessive "its" in my prior comment. May I be buried alive in an avalanche of Strunk&White hardbound editions.

And implying that Ellen whines? Egad, Lee!! I hereby sentence myself to multiple readings of Orwell's "Politics and the English Language", with particular attention to the quote "the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts".

If I were worthy to wield the YOD, I'd whack myself with it.
Was I whining? ={ I did not mean to do so...

Congratulations, Anne, on the publication of this book. I'll have to wait till I get more dollars in my book buying fund and finish a few books on my current list before I download it. I'll leave it to Lee to be the first to review it here and on Amazon :p
OK, apparently I've downloaded this book before Ellen has, which should allow me to spike any whining (from me or anyone else) about the depth of our reading lists. Kinda insensitive to do that in front of an **author**. (Sorry, Gina - you have a book out, too.)

Congratulations, Anne!! Encore! :-)

But I see that Amazon continues it's deft :-/ handling of co-authors. Hmpf.

Oh, and I get your "rough neighborhood" joke, but I find it hard to believe you've never heard the Beltway described in the terms found in the first paragraph here:

I hope this new title does fantastically well, and I can hardly wait to open it!

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